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House of Fun Gold Spins

Have you completed the House of Fun Gold Spins Quest? If not this post will guide you through and show you if it’s worth trying or not.

I completed this quest in less than an hour by playing the Eye of the Tiger alone. My starting balance is around 3 - 5 million with a 90,000 coin bet… This is my settings until I get all 5 golden keys. 

house of fun gold spin tricks

To sum it up, this Gold Spin quest is definitely not worth it at all! After all millions spent, some lucky spins and risk to get bankrupt to zero coins. 

Your reward money for completing this quest will not give you back at least half of it.  Why? The chance of winning big in the Fountain of Gold is very low… 

house of fun gold spin review

My Gold Spin Slot Machine Settings (Level 360+):

  • 15 Free Spins
  • 9,000 Coins Bet

House of Fun Fountain of Gold

The settings is not changeable and the game is just like you are in free spins but with higher chance of winning big amounts and jackpot feature.

The Gold Free Spins is just a bonus game that you can win extra coins DO NOT go wild and drain your balance just to complete the 5 keys. 

Congratulations if you completed this quest with starting balance around 3 - 5 millions. By this time you probably have more than 10 million in your balance.

Just like any goal in your life that you are trying to complete... The journey is more worth it than the final destination. 

Happy Spinning…


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Awsome game
Has any of you had problems with broken links? Today is the first day I can't get the free coins offered. It's saying the link is broken! And now I'm broken!!!

Love you geim 

Es macht einfach nur Spaß.Ich Liebe es dies zu spielen!

Hof is Kool..
I love HOF
I love playing HOF games they r very exciting!
I would like to get free spins instead of free coins. I don't know about u guys, but I get so much more coins with free spins. Free coins from friends is only $1,000 each friend. Please add me and send me free spins. And I will do the same! If U want free coins instead of free spins, I will send em. Thank u!!!

Pls coins 

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