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Please send me spins and I need coins to collect my cards in monster game before it's over been . Last three weeks I just can't get anywhere as accomplishing g any challenges to get a anywhere on game circle . Don't want to not acomplion

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I need some coins to play please.

Please help me with some free coins and spins cause I've done spent a 100 dollars for coins but when you bet high like me to try and win the big jackpots then you can lose money quickly lol.. So please help.!!!
Same. Idk how to post free spins/coins. No one else seems to know either, I've posted on every post/forum that Ive come across asking if anyone knows how to, or can explain it in terms we can understand to please do. I can't seem to figure it out on my mobile device, even with desktop site inabled. One guy did try to help but I didn't understand what he was trying to say, I think it was translated, and he wouldn't elaborate. So please, if there's anyone that could shed some light on that, I would be ever so grateful, and we could passibly have more coins/spins? Idk, it's worth a shot.

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