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 It c ones to my aft r :-/ tion that u need to . Start on your game that u have put down as favorite . And build yo out r coins he :-/ go back to your. Champagne it seams that it starts hitting then go to yo u r g and if not u run out of coins d on t get e :-/ tough play

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Ok so heees my comment... Last year when I joined this site it was somewhat confusing but had more gifts than fan page and I got free spins.( I REEEAAAALLLLLYYYYY LIKE FREE SPINS). Then I upgraded and that was awesome too. As well As getting a bit more organized, there were even bigger gifts and spins.... Now in this latest version of your site, it seems as though we are being punished or some stupid shit. Example; I have logged in to this site at least ten times already today and have only received 4 or 5 gifts. And as for the free spins, I have claimed 2 in a week or so.... What have we the players done to receive such LOUSY gifts. Can't be a loyality thing, and can't be a supply and demand thing. So WTF Oh, on a side note... All of those so called FREE COINS GENERATOR site/apps A R E. . N O T . . F R E E

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