House of Fun - Slots House of Fun: Guide for Collecting Free Spins

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House of Fun Free Spins Tips

Every big wins, progressive jackpots or 5 of a kind wins will give you an option to share a 5 free spins to your Facebook Friends. 

It will give them a chance to win some Free Coins or nothing at all.

Free Spins Guide & Tips:

  • The default bet will vary depending on your current level. The higher your level the better amount of bet you can get on your free spins
  • Each free Spins Bonus Link can only be avail by 100 players. Tip some of our club members do share free spins daily you can use our site to collect free spins. For Higher Chance on Collecting follow these guide:
    • Only click free spins bonus with less than 100 Clicks. Any Free Spins that has 100 clicks or above is expired.
    • Only click free spins links from members posted within an hour. Because all of us has Facebook Friends there might be a chance that all of that player friends already collected them and the site cannot count that clicks.
    • Collect Free Spins Bonus here if you are login it will be shown to you once you have collected all free coins or change the list sorting filter.
  • Based on our observation “3 Tigers” Slot Machine has the higher chance of winning big amount of coins. It is first design for new players to get more wins, you can take advantage of it.
  • Be aware of Daily Bonus Limit. House of Fun impose this limit to balance the game. Base on our observation you can only collect 20 free spins or free coins. If you go beyond that the game will tell you that you already reach your daily limit. Some Tips:
    • If there is few free coins posted today you can collect more free spins
    • If you reached the limit. You can retry to collect that bonus the next day or after 24hours. If you use our site you can take advantage of our click history. Already collected bonus will not be counted.
    • If you are a New Player you can collect most of the free coins but try not to be greedy there is always another day. Collect 20 Free Coins per day and open the big ones first or the oldest one because they will expire soon. 
    • Collecting Free Spins is a risk you might get a big win or nothing at all.  Each try will be counted on your daily free bonus limit.

Help other Players, Share your Free Spins

If you play on desktop pc you can auto share your free spins links to us. Download the Google Chrome Extension ShareLinks Plugin and enable it. 

To auto share your free spins Facebook Posts just go to the page where you see it and scroll down the page. It should automatically submitted to our site. However to increase the chance of collecting free spins for others we have added some condition:

  • It will only fetch links that is posted less than 1 hour ago.
  • It will not fetch links that is already posted in our site.
  • It will only post links that has free bonus in it.
  • It will only fetch game posts that we support.

Tip for all Sharer:

  • Re-share your wins. Enable “Share with My Friends or Share on My Wall” if you collected a free spin in our site. 
  • To label the links as your own make sure to login first in our site then browse your Facebook Wall/Timeline.
  • All submitted links are automatically deleted when they get old or the list gets full. This is to create space for new shares.

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Can I get my free coin, I haven't collected them but it says I've collected them can I get my free coins please
More free coins please. The free spins do not work, I get an "expired" message almost everytime. Thank you
it doesn't matter how many FREE COINS are listed HOF wont give them 6 listed 3to 22 minutes HOF tells u they ARE expired. used to play 3 tigers ALL the time new upgrades STINKS ONLY 3 FREE LISTED WONT GIVE PEOPLES GAMES NOR GAME HUNTERS.HOF USED TO BE GREAT 2018 HAS BEEN THE WORST YEAR YET. also hate game opening characters no matter how u dress them THEY ARE a turn off we GOT our OLD back for a minute
I like to have free spins. my
I need 1000000000

I need  coins 5000000






Have been trying to get game hunters free coins ALL day everything's expired IT doesn't matter if it's seconds ago.WHY does HOF treat it's this.back in January they took 10million credits from YOU think they did anything about it
I use to like HOF but they post very few free the computer tells u that second ago are oops they don't pay like they did before upgrades I have played 3 tigers since 2017 they don't work most of the time. especially weekend.I have found other games. HOF has become the biggest ripoff since updates2018 has been holy hell


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