House of Fun - Slots House of fun hack?

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Hacks? I love this game spend all day on it. Love the free coins. Thank you hof I don't know how I'm supposed to find 299 words on here  so am u supposed to give my life story or what this is like the beginning of a book lol. So I started playing this game a few months ago. Have spent a lot of money on it. The only problem I've had is on fairy bliss won over 100000 3 times and then the game quits on me. Don't under stand it. It pretty late at night and I'm getting tired and fingers are numb from playing house of fun. It would be nice to have hacks and tricks to give me more fun. 

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Help me get some mega coins please

Please give us a lot of currencies do not want you to be currencies 40000 Please want to play this beautiful game and you are the only site that give people currencies Please increase currencies

nic ne dela


Ii can't seem to ever play long as Kwik as I get coins the faster I lose them wtf

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