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House of fun Messenger:

  1. Get on Facebook, send  House of fun  a friend request.

  2. Select message on house of fun Facebook page 
  3. Should give u a menu play the choose yours
  4. when you choose select ALL 3  and collect what all 3 of them have not just one. 
  5. Over on the main menu slide over to & select  Get a tip and their is free coins their as well.

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I am NEVER NEVER able to collect the weekly tip... NEVER, just usually pisses me off....
Haven't seen 200000 in a while need to see more of it

Just a FYI you can collect multiple gifts every 24 hours. Go back through your gifts from previous days and usually you can collect again! Not all links works every day but i am gold  512 and I collect at least $1,000,000 every 24 hours going back through the facebook messenger gifts! But you can only collect every 24 hours! I go back at least 3 days and try every link from then 

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