House of Fun - Slots More coins please

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I enjoy this game a lot but I wish they would give us more coins for the money spent! I feel like when they give only 700 or 800 coins that is not enough! Most min wagers are 500 so those coins don't help much!

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I want to know why you people hold my bonus coins from me saying I've reached my "limit" , this is bull$&@? I sat and played free spins for not even 10,000 coins you just want people to spend their money on a game that should be free to play anyway!

You guys let me win, win, win! Then ya took it all back. What the.....
More coins please
More coins please
More coins please
More coins please
More free coins
I have spent a lot of money and I don't feel like you give back
It looks like you control game knowing already what a person get
More coins