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Freee spin frogger


   Why did they take frogger off the free spin choices??? Grrrr they always take all the good paying shit away seems .....    I

  • Posted by Ashleywood0124
  • 23,286
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House of fun slots but#2


I never did something like this before but there is always a first for something. Lol,,,

  • Posted by RoseMarieLacksM
  • 13,601
  • 108

Alps of Matterhorn


I have constanly played this game, I bet from 10.000 to 15.000 I have played over 1 million of my credits and still never get anything other than a Pearl bonus!

  • Posted by Dasavoie
  • 15,550
  • 110

Game is not working


Am I the only one having problems logging into the game. It will not work on my computer or phone as of 4pm 11/22/2017. Is the game site being repaired? Please

  • Posted by LisaBarrett
  • 21,951
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Addicted to House Of Fun


I am so addicted to HOF slots! I play everyday for a several hours! Several hours a day may sound crazy maybe but I'm recently having to stay at home

  • Posted by JanelleNicoleCu
  • 133,070
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