House of Fun - Slots No free bonuses why

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Can't get my free bonus coins any more it just quit opening the page so now it just shows the game page where before it did that but then it would open and give me free coins what changed to make it start doing that 

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I'm sick and tired of spinning for nothing. When I say nothing it's because I will spin and get the required free spin/bonus requirement on a spin not get damn thing i don't the free spins or get to play the bonus. Also I will spin and get 4 of a kind and receive a large amount then next thing I know i can spin and and get 4 of kind and all i will get is 25 coins. What the hell is up with that there is no game anywhere that pays 25 fucking coins for 4 of a kind.
How does this system work hours , days how goofy?

I'm done buying this is crazy

I used to be able to get more free coins this is terrible what is going on..


When mine does this i haveto tap twice
You are part of the problem they know you guys will keep buying coins so ripping you off is no big deal to them.
The fuckers who run this must be as fucked stupid as the morons who run HOUSE OF NO FUN. They act like they ate giving us the coins not other players by putting limits on it, then they count expired links as getting coins and their is no real limit it changes and could only get 10. Then they wait until they are expired to put them up so game hunters THANKS FOR NOTHING FUCKING FAGGOTS.
Why doesn't houseoffun fix computerproblem? All they do is tell u they will
Iv spent 400dollar s iv my money I need coins please

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