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House of Fun: Gold Spins Tips & Feedback

Tips & Tricks

Have you completed the  Gold Spin Quest? If not this post will guide you through and show you if it’s worth trying or not. I completed this quest in less

  • Posted by MiaME
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House of Fun: Guide for Collecting Free Spins

Tips & Tricks

Every big wins, progressive jackpots or 5 of a kind wins will give you an option to share a 5 free spins to your Facebook Friends. It will give them a chance

  • Posted by MiaME
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House of Fun: Collect Free Coins on Mobile

Tips & Tricks

Collect free coins for your House of Fun App in your mobile phone (Android, iOS, Windows, etc...). The easiest and legit way to get more free coins.

  • Posted by MiaME
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Facebook Messenger Daily Hack

Tips & Tricks

Trick I discovered for daily coin haul! Just a FYI you can collect multiple gifts every 24 hours. Go back through your gifts from previous days and usually you

  • Posted by user1521482843
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House of fun: Messenger

Tips & Tricks

House of fun Messenger:Get on Facebook, send  House of fun  a friend request.Select message on house of fun Facebook page Should give u a menu play the

  • Posted by BridgetLynHeath
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House of fun bonuses

Tips & Tricks

Can anyone tell me how to download Hof new version 3. 16 cause im' having trouble getting my bonuses and I'm not liking it plz and ty anything at this

  • Posted by user1515819813
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Extra device tip

Tips & Tricks

If you have more than 1 device with your same account on it. The game allows you to  collect double on your every 3 hour bonus and double up on extra spin from

  • Posted by ScottyDelprete
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Post game

Tips & Tricks

Hey a are you guys. The house of fun. The whole house of fun, how does it affect you? tell me what and the slot you played. Favorite in the house of fun. Sorry

  • Posted by GarryPar
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Tip for free spins

Tips & Tricks

Try using fluffy love slots for free spins its only slot to pay me 9000 coins on numerous occasions i hope this tip helps and good luck to everyone that plays

  • Posted by ScottyDelprete
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Getting the 3000 coins

Tips & Tricks

When u select your 3000 coins it automatically doubles.  It generally will let you collect up to between six and eight collections.  I am constantly

  • Posted by Grneyedbttfly
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