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The option to show links with no expired report has a problem. I had to go through 40 expired links before finally finding one that was still active. I don't like wasting my time in this manner. Please fix this problem. Thank you.

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Dobře se to hraje

I agree with Romy this is wasting my time and makes me not wanting to even play at HOF, Please can this problem not be fixed???? I have been playing at this site from the start of the beginning and it has been my favorite site so far.

House of fun is the greatest slots available
Please more coins

Is there any way to make these bonus links delete themselves once they have been clicked on so many times? I don't like having to go through 16-24 links or more only to find that the links have been expired. The links which have no expired report is misleading, and it is nothing more than a complete waste of time. The same problem occurs with Caesar's Slots, and especially with the limited bonus clicks of 100,000 coins or more. Please find a way to make this process go a lot smoother for both games. Thank you.

I would like to know how to delete sites whi h have expired.
51 love playing slots on HOF it is so entertaining , it gives me hours of fun

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