Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure Mystery Manor: Boss Battle Weapon Tips

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Mystery Manor Cheats

Earn rewards for Battles with Bosses and learn more about the boss details.

Here's a quick list of the WEAPONS (COLLECTIONS) used for Manor Bosses!

Weapons used in Multiple Rooms:

"Silver" — Daywalker's Weapons (low) / Van Helsing Weapons (medium) / Night Avenger (high)

"Conqueror's" — Mythical Arsenal (low) / Cold Greeting (medium) / Mass Destruction (high)

"Accelerators" — Space Under Control (low)


Yard Boss Rooms:

  • Animatorium (Viktor) — Silver Weapons
  • Blossom Spa (Springalina) — Staying at Home (low) / Mother Nature's Gift (high)
  • Boudoir (Pandora) — The Aeropagus's Challenge (low) / Burning Rage (medium) / Beauty is Pain (high)
  • Bunker (Snatchin General) — It's Hard in Treatment
  • Castle (Strigoi) — Silver Weapons
  • Club '69 Snatchins (Rudolph & Eurydice) — Green Fiddles
  • Crypt (de Morte) — Silver Weapons
  • Genie Lamp (Jafar-al-Aamash) — True Delectation (low) / Lordly Entertainment (high)
  • Hotel Heart of Spring (Kai & Gerda) — Hotel Heart
  • Hyperion Hall (General Krieg) — Weapons of Hyperion (low) / Assault Squad (medium) / Iron Fist (high)
  • Ice Citadel (Ice Queen) — Silver Weapons
  • Labyrinthine Garden (Hanako) — Gardening Tools (low) / Helping the Gardener (high)
  • Lotuses Temple (Temple Abbott) — Spirit of the Fighter
  • Pagoda Temple (Desu) — Silver Weapons (low weapons not available)
  • Pumpkin Patch (Willie) — Conqueror's
  • Pyramid (Mictlantecuhli) — Silver Weapons
  • SnatchinLand (Cranky the Clown) — Let Cheerfulness Reign Here (low) / Reasons to Smile (high)
  • Snow House... Frost de Frost — Slight Frostbite (low) / Ringing Frost (high)
  • Summer Café (Honore de Timbale) — Culinary 101 (low) / Chef's Toolkit (high)
  • Swamp (Aquarius) — Conqueror's
  • Tomb (Anubis) — Silver Weapons (limited use on low & medium weapons)



Main Floor Rooms

  • Enchanted Gazebo (Cupid General) — Divination for Betrothed (low) / Love the Enchatress (high)
  • Gingerbread House (Hansel & Gretel) — Fun Toys
  • Serpentar's Lair (Lord Serpentar) — Tournament in the Skies (low) / Occult Triumph (high)


Basement Boss Rooms:

  • Dark Academy (Dark Principal) — Dark Library (low) / Forbidden Knowledge (high)
  • Frigate (Balthazar) — Conqueror's
  • Hunter's School (Yanina Graham) — Last Call
  • Hunter's School (Violin Graham) — Examination Arsenal
  • Lair (Charles de Chewadaun) — Conqueror's
  • Librarium (Julian Payne) — Conqueror's


Second Floor Boss Rooms

  • Cloud Palace (Augusta Ada) — Special Cloud Magic (low) / Call of Nature (high)
  • Inventor's Deck (Petronella) — Tools You Can Depend On (low) / The Genius in the Details (high)
  • Puppeteer's Garret (Farfarello) — Cloth Charm (low) / The Price of Freedom



  • Amphitrite — Accelerators (low) / Water World (high)
  • Combeferra — Accelerators (low) / Over Pulsars and Forests (high)
  • Mars — Accelerators (low) / Martian Fleet (high)
  • Felicetta — Accelerators (low) / Dealing with Traffic James (high)
  • Saturn — Accelerators (low) / Saturn Wilderness (high)
  • Selene — Accelerators (low) / Path through the Stars (high)



  • Santa's House (Danny Claus) — What Girls Want (low) / Boyish Joy (high)
  • SnowGlobe (Hungry Bear) — Dairy Taste of the Holiday (low) / Christmas Desserts (medium) / Cold Treats (high)

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