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Explorers, checkout this Mystery Manor help and guides for your successful adventure.


Where do I get keys and weapons to battle bosses?

Keys and weapons to enter battle can drop from roamers associated to that particular boss, they can be also obtained as reward for charging some collections, and they can be as well included in battle chests or can be purchased with diamonds in store chests. Weapons against roamers can be found in the rooms of the manor:

  • For 1st floor, yard and expedition floor roamers, except Combeferra, they will drop from 1st floor and yard bosses’ rooms.
  • For basement bosses, they will drop from basement rooms and bosses.
  • For Combeferra, they will drop from planets.

Mystery Manor Explorers Help & Guide Mystery Manor Explorers Help & Guide



What is a Battle in Heroic Mode?

Heroic mode is a battle modality available for players above level 23 on depending on the boss. To enter Heroic fights you need special keys that can be obtained by exploring bosses’ rooms in normal mode or as reward for charging collections that give random sets.

Mystery Manor Cheats

For fights in Heroic mode you will use the same weapons but damage and hits will be multiplied per 10. Example: Crypt normal mode 10.000 damage in maximum 10 hits, Heroic crypt 100.000 damage in maximum 100 hits.



Mystery Manor The New 2nd Floor:

To enter new 2nd floor you have to be at least level 30 and have the Elevator unlocked.

Mystery Manor The new 2nd floor

In order to gain access to 2nd floor you have first to complete the Rise Up event. Having elevator open and performing 3 quests:

  • Lofty Inspiration (explore Elevator with curses)
  • Proving your Worth (Assemble and charge Beatlemania collection)
  • Off into the Unknown (Explore Elevator in Mosaic mode)


What is Mosaic Mode?

Face the Dual phenomenon and explore rooms in the new Mosaic mode, where you must arrange individual pixels to form full picture. Curse left by Dual phenomenon is Multiplicity, in this mode, explore the room to find a random item multiplied by 15.

Mystery Manor Mosaic


What is Zodiac?

Zodiac is a mode that can appear randomly on first floor rooms as night, silhouette and words. It is available from level 18. To play rooms in Zodiac mode you first need to assemble the "Ocularis Spiritus" which is a magnifying glass that will appear on your map just above the Fortune Telling Room.  Perform the quests to find the DaVinci Manuscript and ask your neighbour the needed materials. Once completed, the picture disappears from the map and you will be ready to have this mode in your rooms.

Mystery Manor Zodiac
You can only have 3 rooms in zodiac mode at one time and you need  runestones to explore; you’ll find them by trading with gypsies and as reward for charging some collections. You only have 2 minutes to explore rooms in this mode.        


How do I Open the Elevator?

Elevator is fundamental to move to second floor and basement. It is available from level 15. Find the icon for the elevator in your event tab. Follow the instructions to find the "rules". There's a long series of quest in this string, once the Elevator is assembled, you'll need to collects the parts to repair it. After gathering all the parts, click on the blue Fix It button to move on. At this point you are ready; remember you need Coils of Rope to explore the room, from 10 at Novice level to 50 at Expert.

How do I open the elevator?

Now you should be able to see in event tab the Basement entrance icon. Assemble and Charge the Enlightened minds collections by exploring elevator and click on the blue Move button to successfully open the basement.


How do I Build the Island?

You need to be at least level 36 and have the Oceanic Room and the Brig opened and be expert level there before being able to build the Island.

You should see photograph pieces on the left side of your manor below the brig and get the quests after charging the Accurate Route collection and some others collections related to Brig.

How do I build the Island?

Follow the quests to find the pieces and glue them together collecting the required items by asking to your neighbours. At this point you will see the snatchin seafarer roaming. He drops the shells needed to explore the room, remember you will need 10 at novice level and 50 at expert.



How do I build the Pirate brig?

How do I build the Pirate brig?

After completing the quest “Sorrow the Past” you will finally get a ship in a bottle on your map, it is the pirate brig.  You need to be level 32 to start building it. As other structures in the manor, you will need to work on a quest string to collect first the Blueprints and after the tools to build it by asking your neighbours. Once the shipyard is assembled you’ll be asked to recruit pirates by banishing the snatchin Blackbeard, the roamer associated to the room, Blackbeards drop items for the Famous Pirates collection and also 10 cannon balls to explore the brig. To explore the Brig you will need 10 cannon balls at Novice level and 50 at Expert level.


How do I open the Gentlemen Club?

You need to be at least level 23 to be able to open the Gentlemen Club. Follow the quest string that starts with “The bitter smoke of recollections” and leads you to “True Gentleman’s dream”.

To open the room you will need to find the Gentlemen’s set, these items drop exploring (no rob) men’s rooms ( African Room, Hunting Room, Bathroom, Room 51; Japanese garden, Kitchen, Hall, Laboratory) in any mode or by driving phenomena away using anti-phenomena.

How do I open the Gentlemen Club?

Each time you want to explore room, you’ll need to have a set of 5, room will stay open for 4 hours and roamers, Insidious Croupier and Madame Terrible will roam around your first floor. To explore room you need Miss Pickwick’s Badges, they drop by banishing roamers and as reward for charging some collections.


How do I open Sunset beach?

How do I open Sunset beach?

You have to be at least level 35 to open the Sunset Beach, first quest of this string is “Speaking with the spirits world”. Follow the quests and restore the photo by finding the pieces and placing them in the frame.  To explore this room you need Fresh Tropical Juice, trade with the roamer, Seahorse King, to get them.


What is the Mystical Living Room?

You need to be at least level 10 to start working on the Mystical room quest string that starts with “The disappearance on our street” and leads to “CAUTION: THE MYSTERIOUS CHEST!” where you have to click on the mysterious chest and follow the conditions to find the needed items by exploring certain rooms and by opening chests. The chests will drop randomly together with the Mystical keys to open them.

Mystery Manor Tip - There are 3 chests:

Mystical Casket

Mystical Box (Silver chest)

Mystical Chest (Golden chest)

  • ‚ÄčThe Mystical Casket (Wooden chest) which require 4 keys and expires in 3 hours, inside you’ll find items for rooms , weapons and the Mystical Box
  • The Mystical Box (Silver chest) which require 8 keys and expires in 6 hours, inside you’ll find items for rooms, weapons and the Mystery Box
  • The Mystical Chest (Golden chest) which require 15 keys and expires in 9 hours, inside you’ll find items for rooms, weapons


How do I open the MrX Handbag?

You need to be level 37 to open the Mr X Handbag. Click GO on the Traveler’s Companion pop up and start working on the string which begins with Tragedy and Greatness quest.

How do I open the MrX Handbag?

Each time you want to enter room, you need to give a set of 3 Master’s Baggage, find them by trading with Mr X’s Driver, he drops also Traveler’s keys to explore. Room will stay open for 3 hours.


What are TV Quests?

When you have less than 3 active quests you will see a quest in a TV screen border, which is the so called TV quests. There are only a few collections available in these quests but they are a good way to build up some nice collections and work on the Quest achievement.


Common Problems in Mystery Manor Game and How to Troubleshoot it

My wish list is frozen! What can I do about it?

The cause of this issue is that the updated information cannot reach the server.  Please, try to play the game a bit before adding an item to the wish list. If the problem is not solved please, contact our Support Team for further assistance.

Why did one of my collection items just disappear?

Some items disappear after certain quests are completed. It is always written in the quest description what items will be taken from you. Also you will be notified of this whenever you complete such a quest.

Process of loading the game stops at 20%.

Check the time and date set on your computer. In case they don't conform to the real ones adjust the right settings and try to launch the application again.

I received a quest, found the item/charged the collection but the task was not recognized in the game.

Items for quests are taken into account only if they are found while completing the relevant quest that is according to the task given and its description.
The charged collection is taken into account only if it was activated according to the quest after it was received in the game and not earlier. In case you have already charged it and the task is not registered, you should activate it again. The ways you can get the necessary items are described in the quests windows.

I have collected the keys to fight a boss in Heroic mode but option is greyed, why?

In order to fight a boss in Heroic mode you first need to complete the 5 stages of the Battle achievement for that boss. You can check your progress on the right side of your game by clicking on the cup option.

I cannot gather the Legacy of Atlantis collection. Snatchin Seafarer doesn't provide me with a couple of items.

You should have a complete set of Great Navigators collection gathered (all the five items) to have the Snatchin Seafarer drop all the atlantes. Navigators can be found in Oceanic room

I collected the Toy Manor artefact but didn't charged it – all the items disappeared.

Collections items cannot disappear in the game for no particular reason. Note that the game includes a lot of actions that require charging collections and for several times. For example, each room in the basement has such an action and each boss. In most of such actions the results for charging collections are exchanged for reward chests.

As soon as you have collected the necessary amount of items, the game will show you a window of completed action.
In this case you completed the Manor Inhabitants' Childhood action on gathering all the cuddy collections for five times and received the reward chest. Herewith, the resultant items are taken from your game. Now it will be easier to gather collections for the second time. Please, pay attention to the messages in the pop-up windows in order to avoid any inconveniences possible.

Why the game does not recognize my achievements and progress?

It is the game feature that in-game activities performed before the relative quest appears are not counted in the game and you will have to meet the requirements once again to complete the task and move further. Please, try to develop your game according to the storyline for the purposes of using your time and resources properly.

Why did my monster quests disappear?

The game acts according to the moon cycles, i.e. every 14 days you have new quests and monsters. During 10 days without new quests you can explore rooms and help your friends. Note, that all unfinished quests will appear as soon as the Moon is full.

Where did my reward go after charging a collection?

Whenever you charge a collection you get money, experience and items as a reward. Money and experience get registered in the relative bars while objects go to the Inventory. Please, check for them there.

What are General's Bunker and the Crypt? How to heal, to fight or to dance with bosses?

To get the opportunity to fight, heal, dance or cast a spell on a boss you should go through several stages:

  1.  Dig up the boss lair (asking items to neighbours or buying them).
  2. Collect the keys to enter the fight (by banishing the adepts of the boss).

After this you have just to fight, heal, dance or cast a spell using different items from the list (weapons, remedies, dancers or other items). You have a limited numbers of hits,  which can be checked  under the progress bar.

You can fight the boss alone or with the help of your friends, by inviting them to join. Once  the battle is successfully completed, you get a chest. The higher your rank, the greater the reward. Note that each battle lasts only for several hours, the timer can be seen under the picture of the boss. In case you do not manage to defeat the Boss within this time, you will have to collect another set of keys and start the challenge again.

Hurry up! You have only 2 hours to explore the room after defeating the Boss. When this period of time expires the Boss will come back to his chamber and you will have to fight him again.


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