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Pearl's Peril Cheats using Cheat Engine

Pearl's Peril cheats using cheat engine features Instant Hint Cooldown and No Wrong Click Penalty. Tools you need:Latest Cheat Engine. If you don't

  • Posted by Raphael
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End Game strategies

I am on my 2nd time around, and have joined a great Adventure Club for the extras.  So.  One teammate has finished round 2.  One teammate has ALMOST finished

  • Posted by KathyDueck
  • 3,437
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Extra energy

I have tried to get the people in my club to understand that we will all have more energy if everyone would just to to their club page and click on send energy!

  • Posted by JoanneNugent
  • 948
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New seans Please!

For gods sake please please think up some new sceans to play!!!!!!!!!!  I've been plaing the same sceans over and over and over through different levels

  • Posted by BonnieWhiteside
  • 405
  • 1

Ayuda para poder continuar jugando

Dejó de funcionar mi aplicación desde ayer. No detecta la conexión de red. Quiero que me ayuden por favor. La borré y la volví a instalar pero no

  • Posted by BegoaAlbizuri
  • 477
  • 2

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Welcome Pearl's Peril Gamers! Introduce yourself here

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Request: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

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Suggest a Forum Category

  • Started by: vardump
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Funeral Banquet Chapter One

  • Started by: SandraVliet
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Adventure Club Prizes

  • Started by: KennethSchmidt
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Adding Friends

  • Started by: LindaBlackett
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Not Working

  • Started by: BeckiCogginsYou
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Pearl's Peril

Avez-vous roulé votre bosse autant que notre globe-trotteuse préférée, Pearl ? De Paris au Pérou, elle n'en est pas à son premier tour du monde ! Et vous, quelle est votre destination préférée ? Dites-le-nous et partagez une photo de vos voyages dans les commentaires !Did you roll your bump as much as our favorite globe-hand, Pearl? From Paris to Peru she is not at her first round of the world! and you, what's your favorite destination? tell us and share a photo of your travels in the comments! · See original · Rate this translation

Likes: 54 Shares: 3 Posted:

Pearl's Peril

Are you a seasoned traveller like our globetrotting heroine, Pearl? From Paris to Peru, she’s been around the world and back again! What’s your favorite destination? Tell us below, and share a snap from your travels!

Likes: 84 Shares: 5 Posted:

Pearl's Peril

You can almost smell the pancakes from that sweet little Mom ‘n’ Pop Diner. Hometown USA is starting to get festive in time for the 4th of July and the new decoration set is now available, start your collection today!

Likes: 636 Shares: 31 Posted:

Pearl's Peril

Hop aboard Pete's boat and get the FREE TICKETS he has for you! Click "Like" if you will play the Captain's Challenge today! <== Get FREE TICKETS for the Captain's Challenge! 5f775010f876e <== Get your redeemable gift code here!

Likes: 21 Shares: 497 Posted:

Pearl's Peril

Ah, Summer Solstice; the most ancient and mysterious event in the calendar! Spend the longest day of the year with Mathius and uncover a collection of mystical objects! Can you find them all? Collect 5 Energy to help Mathius! a2427816c9e7d Get your redeemable gift code here!

Likes: 19 Shares: 514 Posted:

Pearl's Peril

Hmm… I don’t see too much ‘red white and blue’ in the picture clues above, but there sure is something familiar about them. Can you guess the theme of our next Pearl’s Peril decoration set? Take your best shot in the comments below!

Likes: 425 Shares: 22 Posted:

Pearl's Peril

A new Adventurer's Box for you! What's inside? Let's find out! <== Get your FREE gift now! 36052bea821e6 <== Get your redeemable gift code here!

Likes: 22 Shares: 594 Posted:

Pearl's Peril

“A dawn always promises a new beginning, Whereas... A sunset always promises a beautiful ending.” ― Anthony T. Hincks... #PearlofWisdom Add a touch of perpetual summer with the Island Paradise set!

Likes: 697 Shares: 84 Posted:

Pearl's Peril

The sun is setting on the Island Paradise set and it won’t be around forever! Don’t miss out. Complete your collection while there’s still time!

Likes: 507 Shares: 25 Posted:

Pearl's Peril

Hop aboard Pete's boat and get the FREE TICKETS he has for you! Click "Like" if you will play the Captain's Challenge today! <== Get FREE TICKETS for the Captain's Challenge! 5f775010f876e <== Get your redeemable gift code here!

Likes: 28 Shares: 646 Posted:

Pearl's Peril

The heart warming melody coming from her ukulele makes the people of Artemis Island very happy... both of them! Are you looking forward for more people to roam the streets of your island? Let us know in the comment who you would like to see next!

Likes: 553 Shares: 31 Posted:

Pearl's Peril

Hello Adventurers, are you a friend of Pearl's? Let's test your knowledge of the game with a little pop quiz! How many different objects are available to find all together in the first scene of Pearl's Peril "The Beach"?... Take your best guess and let us know your answer in the comments. A reward awaits to the player that gets closer to the number! Good luck!

Likes: 515 Shares: 32 Posted:

Pearl's Peril

A new Adventurer's Box for you! What's inside? Let's find out! <== Get your FREE gift now! 1f0a38c247d40 <== Get your redeemable gift code here!

Likes: 25 Shares: 594 Posted:

Pearl's Peril

Hey Adventurers, Andy here! I wanted to talk today about some of our very first decorations that were ever available to our players over five years ago. The way of drawing our decorations was way different than it is today and we have come a long way, providing you all with stunning work of art for your islands.... For this very reason, six of the original decorations will soon be retiring, but nothing is lost forever. If you feel that these six decorations still would look good on your island, you can still buy them and either place them on your island or store them away and they won't be removed. In the near future though, they won't be available anymore for sale in the store. In their place, six of the current Island Paradise seasonal decoration set will remain, even after the set is gone... I thought that those decorations would fit way better the warmth and the environment of Artemis Island. What do you think about the new Island Paradise set? I will announce soon the new items that will be staying for us long after the set has gone. I wish you all a great weekend! –Andy

Likes: 848 Shares: 39 Posted:

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