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Team Players needed.

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Adventure club [email protected] needs 3 more players as some have retired. Game usually wins on Friday, sometimes even Thursdays or Wednesday. Players MUST play 20

  • Posted by ChristinaGronho
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Newbie needs help on playing and joining an adventure club

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I just started playing not too long ago. I’m just on chapter 38. Could you  info on what you do in the adventure club Thank you    adventure club info

  • Posted by CKWilams
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End Game strategies

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I am on my 2nd time around, and have joined a great Adventure Club for the extras.  So.  One teammate has finished round 2.  One teammate has ALMOST finished

  • Posted by KathyDueck
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Pearl's Peril Cheats using Cheat Engine

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Pearl's Peril cheats using cheat engine features Instant Hint Cooldown and No Wrong Click Penalty. Tools you need:Latest Cheat Engine. If you don't

  • Posted by Raphael
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