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I am on my 2nd time around, and have joined a great Adventure Club for the extras.  So.  One teammate has finished round 2.  One teammate has ALMOST finished round 2, but with fewer Prestige. the end, but have not completed round 2.  What I have learned from my peeps...master ALL some point.  Like before you finish round 1...go back and complete things.  This is my OCD kicking in...tidy up.  I learned this when I had no friends on PP.  When you end round 1, you get some great you do NOT need anyone to help you fly to the next scene.  Now...on round 2, we still have these specials.  Well, if you are do not get them.  So...DO NOT finish round 2.  Current strategy until PP opens up a new island...or something.  DO NOT end game for round 2.  I do like my peeps in my Adventure Club, and am quite addicted to the 5+ years now.  Sigh.


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I just finished Pearl's probably this week and opted start beginning game again since I can't keep my money and property.... Since YOUVE been playibg long time like me watch out for the team a that seem nice then start treating other people on team unfairly by belittling then and snide remarks because they cannot or do not want to purchase in the app items.. I joined a new team yesterday because I left other team after I LMK they were being a**hol*s by forcing each player to buy 1 bush a date for someone with diamonds not money. WELL....... I disagree and there are a lot of people not working out because of covid so they might not be able to buy diamonds but should still be allowed to play the game

Thanks for this link


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Could someone tell what to do with all the coins, playig 2nd time around. Have no land to buy stuff for. Does anyoe know??

Better to save the last bit of the 5th badge until you get a Adventure Club challenge to complete like Master x scenes Then go back and pick up the Master Scenes you left unfinished with 1 or 2 moves.

I love this game, too! Which Club? Mine is "Zon's Adventures". I recently started palying "June's Journey" like it too and could use more Friends for either/both game(s).

i like this game


I have finished round 1 & the final chapter. However it will not let me start over. It says congratulation & all that, but the VIP emblem is not lit up, does it need to?  I have gone through each one and they all say they are mastered.  What do I need to do?? Please answer me this time. Thank you. [email protected]  Diane

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