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i don't understand why I should put purchases in storage crates. Is that only to make room for more?  Advantages? Disadvantages?  Also, I'm finding I need more flowers to enter new rooms.  I noticed I can cash some items in from my board, but I lose cash?  Any tips would be appreciated.  I'm addicted, but I know I'm not using all of the options correctly.   Thanks!

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You have partly answered your question. If you sell an item you'll lose the Prestige (flowers) related to that item. If you put it in the Crate, however, you keep the Prestige. As you also note, you can use the Crate to store purchases for later use. So on balance Crate is quite a useful tool.

You can earn Prestige (flowers) as follows:

  1. By purchasing new items - this costs coins
  2. By completing the relevant Collection (the last one in each Collection series, i.e. Edwin, Vincent & Iris) - this gives you an item to place on your island for "free" and earns prestige
  3. By taking part in the Adventure Clubs - the prize for completing each challenge is an item that provides you with Prestige
  4. By upgrading Buildings (each building has 3 levels of upgrade, and each upgrade generates Prestige)

Hope that helps :-)

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