Pearl's Peril New seans Please!

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For gods sake please please think up some new sceans to play!!!!!!!!!!  I've been plaing the same sceans over and over and over through different levels for months now!  Knowing where to find things quickly doesn't help with advancement of coins earned either.  Also having to play the same scean over and over to get coins to purchase items for prestige points is awful like I said know where everything is in advance because you've played the sceen several times before in previous levels does nothing to add coins!  This game is getting very teidious and boring!

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Hey.... I agree with you. They contacted me back because I asked if they made budget cuts since new items like rolling tumbleweed looked like elephant dung.... Lol... I did get a response with a few free diamonds and an apology LOL
I had to read your comment, because I wondered what a "scean' was. I finally realized you meant 'scene.

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