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Team Players needed.

Guides, Tips & Tricks, News, Cheats & Hacks, Videos

Adventure club [email protected] needs 3 more players as some have retired. Game usually wins on Friday, sometimes even Thursdays or Wednesday. Players MUST play 20

  • Posted by ChristinaGronho
  • 1,983
  • 1



I'm a daily player . I opened my own club because the other ones that I was in either didn't really play and just collected the rewards that we all

  • Posted by user1518888153
  • 1,603

Newbie needs help on playing and joining an adventure club

Cheats & Hacks

I just started playing not too long ago. I’m just on chapter 38. Could you  info on what you do in the adventure club Thank you    adventure club info

  • Posted by CKWilams
  • 3,028
  • 2

Extra energy

Tips & Tricks

I have tried to get the people in my club to understand that we will all have more energy if everyone would just to to their club page and click on send energy!

  • Posted by JoanneNugent
  • 8,368
  • 28

New seans Please!


For gods sake please please think up some new sceans to play!!!!!!!!!!  I've been plaing the same sceans over and over and over through different levels

  • Posted by BonnieWhiteside
  • 2,029
  • 2

Ayuda para poder continuar jugando


Dejó de funcionar mi aplicación desde ayer. No detecta la conexión de red. Quiero que me ayuden por favor. La borré y la volví a instalar pero no

  • Posted by BegoaAlbizuri
  • 1,784
  • 2

End Game strategies

Cheats & Hacks

I am on my 2nd time around, and have joined a great Adventure Club for the extras.  So.  One teammate has finished round 2.  One teammate has ALMOST finished

  • Posted by KathyDueck
  • 6,970
  • 7

Pearl's Peril Cheats using Cheat Engine

Cheats & Hacks

Pearl's Peril cheats using cheat engine features Instant Hint Cooldown and No Wrong Click Penalty. Tools you need:Latest Cheat Engine. If you don't

  • Posted by Raphael
  • 28,408
  • 8

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