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Friends Wanted

Please be my Friend, Then we can help each other and have fun playing..For example, we could exchange Gifts every Day. I would be glad to accept your Friend

  • Posted by KevinKeller
  • 3,164
  • 84

Some Targets Need 100s of Bomb Strikes!

I understand that the difficulty to accomplish a feat will increase as one progresses. However, at the final spot of a challenge, theres a boat with 5 targets.

  • Posted by garcia7168
  • 3,144
  • 11

Friends need

Please friend me I need some mates to exchange gifts with please it will help us both out to receive all that extra stuff everyday. I actually enjoy this game

  • Posted by AlvinWestfall
  • 1,385
  • 28

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Welcome Pirate Kings Gamers! Introduce yourself here

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by Mavericman
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Request: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by Wedran7
  • Suggestions
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Suggest a Forum Category

  • Started by: vardump
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  • 858

How To Get Free Spins And Coins

  • Started by: Jamesellis40
  • Game Discussions
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Im David Just Lookin For Friends To Add Me On There List And Vise Versa

  • Started by: Jamesellis40
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Free Spins

  • Started by: Territucker47
  • Last Post by Almokhtar1982
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Free Links

  • Started by: user1556392508
  • Last Post by NickDubeau
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pirate kings free coins free spins free shield bonus pirate kings daily bonus how to get treasures bonus wheel super spinner how to get more free spins Cash King Free Coins

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Latest on Pirate Kings

Let's celebrate Easter with a brand-new Pirate Story! If you've already played it, you probably know the little bunnies are coloring... Bombs! Eggs!... Claim today's prize and choose the right answer! >> https://pk.jellybtn.com/3ggzN73


This service station got EVERYTHING you need! Even things that don't belong! Claim today's gift and find the item which belongs to another island >> https://pk.jellybtn.com/3qJqBv9


Anchors down! Let's see your Photo-Finish! It's time to show off the results of this week's Frenemies Leaderboard Challenge! If you are in the TOP 3 on your Mateys Leaderboard, you have a chance to WIN 1000 SPINS!! Claim today's gift, show off a screenshot if your Matey leaderboards and cross your fingers! >> https://pk.jellybtn.com/cqGWgKJ #PlayApartTogether


Nothing beats this rush when you steal from the CA$H KING!! Kate takes her victory dance to a whole new level! How do YOU react when you find your Cash King? Claim today's gift and film your own victory dance and show it off below to win 1000 SPINS! >> https://pk.jellybtn.com/3S728M #PlayApartTogether


The first three words that pop out to you describe what kind of frenemy you arrrrre! Claim today's gift and show off your frenemy type >> https://pk.jellybtn.com/crwzBP6 #PlayApartTogether


We know you miss meeting your BFFs face to face! While you can #PlayApartTogether, our "Best Frenemies Forever" frame is another way to celebrate your friendship! When your camera opens, simply tap the bottom left icon to load your photo library, where you can choose your favorite image you made with your friend, in happier times! *If you play with a family member, you can just take a selfie instead!‍‍‍... Caption your new picture with #PirateKings + #PlayApartTogether + your Invite-Code, and show it off in the comments so we could choose our lucky winners! >> www.facebook.com/fbcameraeffects/tryit/153475596022237 For now you can also enjoy today's gift >> https://pk.jellybtn.com/CSwQcM


Why do you attack your mateys? Is it because they have a nicer island? Because they don't watch TV!? Because they love the color pink?? When choosing which matey to attack, each one has reason listed below their name. Claim today's prize and name your favorite Attack reason! >> https://pk.jellybtn.com/32rsk6Q #PlayApartTogether


Want to prove your frenemies who's the Top Pirate among you? Show us a screenshot of your Mateys Leaderboard today below to kick off the challenge! In two days, we will ask you to do it again and If it shows you climbed (or stayed) in your leaderboard's TOP 3, you'll have a chance to be among 10 lucky winners of 1000 Spins!!... Claim today's gift and aim for the most blue stars you can (Island items, island workers, quests) >> https://pk.jellybtn.com/ZZ8Q49 #PlayApartTogether


Fun fact - the couple in this video are a couple in real life! Kate is even part of the Pirate Kings team!! But even their relationship would be put to the test on Frenemy week! Claim today's gift, answer the poll and let us know what else you'd love to do with the friends in the game >> https://pk.jellybtn.com/d92-F-x #PlayApartTogether


When you run out of fuel, there is only one place to go! Gas-Uana is your one-stop service station. Fill up your ship, grab something to eat and get back to looting with new energies! ‍ Claim today's prize and reminisce on your favorite service-station snack or your favorite way to freshen up on a road trip! >> https://pk.jellybtn.com/3GGV9dd


Stuck at home? Get ready for a great week to play with, and even make new, FRENEMIES! Claim today's gift and include your Invite-Code below so others will send your requests! >> https://pk.jellybtn.com/dkPvS9x #PlayApartTogether


While you wait for your fuel tank to fill, take a moment to find the correct order Claim today's gift and find the correct order >> https://pk.jellybtn.com/3p6_hgT


We took a little trip to the countryside and found some artifacts Now is the time to get them back where they belong. Claim today's gift and help the artifacts get back to their correct islands >> https://pk.jellybtn.com/3t2bq-M


On Graybeard's dimension, Jack's only allies are... Claim today's gift and solve this Pirate Adventure trivia >> https://pk.jellybtn.com/7gv4bX


Need some fuel? Just stop at our next island, and grab a bite while you're there! Claim today's gift and guess our next island's name >> https://pk.jellybtn.com/cJnH_Ft


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Ahoy Mateys! Ready to master the 7 seas? Spin the wheel, collect your loot, build your island, and become the richest PIRATE KING of them all!

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