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Some Targets Need 100s of Bomb Strikes!

I understand that the difficulty to accomplish a feat will increase as one progresses. However, at the final spot of a challenge, theres a boat with 5 targets.

  • Posted by garcia7168
  • 5,686
  • 13

Friends Wanted

Please be my Friend, Then we can help each other and have fun playing..For example, we could exchange Gifts every Day. I would be glad to accept your Friend

  • Posted by KevinKeller
  • 4,764
  • 88

Friends need

Please friend me I need some mates to exchange gifts with please it will help us both out to receive all that extra stuff everyday. I actually enjoy this game

  • Posted by AlvinWestfall
  • 2,219
  • 35

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Welcome Pirate Kings Gamers! Introduce yourself here

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by Rich49
  • Game Discussions
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  • 78

Request: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by Wedran7
  • Suggestions
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Suggest a Forum Category

  • Started by: vardump
  • Suggestions
  • 1,558


  • Started by: RocketHare13
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How To Get Free Spins And Coins

  • Started by: Jamesellis40
  • Game Discussions
  • 1,471

Im David Just Lookin For Friends To Add Me On There List And Vise Versa

  • Started by: Jamesellis40
  • Suggestions
  • 803

Free Spins

  • Started by: Territucker47
  • Last Post by Arihanth
  • Game Discussions
  • 11,253
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This dino's diet might surprise you! Guess our next island's theme and take today's gift for a spin >> https://pk.jellybtn.com/cr1wrrJ


It's time for our favorite game Choose one island to live on, one just to visit and one to destroy! It might be a hard choice, but that's the whole point! Take today's gift for a spin and chime in with your choice >> https://pk.jellybtn.com/cVbm6m1


These three embarked on this treasure hunt, but only one can claim! Will it be Worm Warrior? Molly Profit Prophet? OR Sandy the Sand Worm? Take today's gift for a spin and solve our maze! >> https://pk.jellybtn.com/3kv9x13


Nothing to see here matey Please evacuate the premises... Take today's gift for a spin and find the perfect match >> https://pk.jellybtn.com/hpw6MQ


The Prizeship has docked! Let's congratulate our lucky winners of 1000 SPINS OR a MISSING CARD Hamid Lima King, Zoe Murray, Sarah Wilson, Үнэнбаяр Ганболд, Betty Petersen, Sam Bulushi! Claim your consolation gift ( https://pk.jellybtn.com/kNCsMX ) and now that you know what's inside - Which gift you wished you won?


Pirates! Let's play PRIZESHIP! Just like Battleship - simply select a tile. A few lucky winners from those of you who hit a lucky tile will win what's inside! Take today's gift for a spin and guess what tile might hold a prize >> https://pk.jellybtn.com/3dFRPr1


Pirate Collectors! Can you spot which card is from another set? Take today's gift for a spin and find which card belongs to another set >> https://pk.jellybtn.com/3JrQnvF


A pink horse is a horse, of course of course, but what's THAT? Find the item which belongs to another island and take today's gift for a spin >> https://pk.jellybtn.com/cW64S7q


Look, A Royal fleet! Let's help all these ships return home! Match the ships to their correct island and take today's gift for a spin >> https://pk.jellybtn.com/1Zs6Z3


Such a lovely picture. Too bad it's out of order! Find the correct order and take today's gift for a spin >> https://pk.jellybtn.com/38721H9


To celebrate the loveliest of all days, we prepared this special island, full of lovely horses, hearts, and the color pink. XOXO! Take today's gift for a spin and tell us what did you do with your sweetheart for Valentine's! >> https://pk.jellybtn.com/3vcJzy3


This Valentine's Day is your chance to add The Prince of Hearts to your collection and complete the Valentine Pirate Series! Purchase today's 2 Sale deals to get him AND A MISSING CARD! Take today's gift for a spin and show us your favorite Special Pirate! >> https://pk.jellybtn.com/cSM4q6B


Soul mates! Sea Mateys! Looking for a last-minute romantic gesture for your valentine? Take a selfie with your valentine or with Jack, using our Valentine's filter >> www.facebook.com/fbcameraeffects/tryit/228916214804340/ Or do you rather using our Profile Pic frame? Try it here >> www.facebook.com/profilepicframes/?selected_overlay_id=528607951099460 ... Mention us in your story and let us know below, then take today's gift for a spin >> https://pk.jellybtn.com/34XFRw3


To celebrate the most lovely day of the year, we’re giving you the chance to complete your Valentine’s Series of pirates, which now has an extra, WHOLE-NEW SPECIAL PIRATE! Don't miss your chance! Take today’s gift for a spin and tell us which of these lovely Pirates is your favorite! >> https://pk.jellybtn.com/d3wkfNt


These crafty ants just replaced one of our new island's items! Show them you are no fool! Find the item which belongs to another island and take today's gift for a spin >> https://pk.jellybtn.com/7PRqgQ


Should we start calling these things ANTifacts? Match each artifact to its correct island and take today's gift for a spin >> https://pk.jellybtn.com/36YDMjh


Ants are supposed to be tidy, but our new island's star messed up. Let's help him clean up! Find the correct order and take today's gift for a spin >> https://pk.jellybtn.com/d8Jv3W9


Let's go on a picnic, should we? Our new island is the perfect spot for a nice snack in the sun, although we heard there's a little ant infestation there. Well, let's hope they don't like food! Take today's gift for a spin and tell us: What is your favorite picnic snack? >> https://pk.jellybtn.com/3zqFkXM


Red’s team blocks his way? Good thing Jack’s always carrying a cannon! Take today's gift for a spin and find the missing piece! >> https://pk.jellybtn.com/cVLFj9


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