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Poker Heat Tips: Leagues, Promotions & Free Chips

Guide for playing Poker Heat how to get more of it and advance to the next leagues. Tips for getting more free chips and all promotions explained.

  • Posted by MiaME
  • 84,712
  • 226

Thanks for free chips

Thanks poker heat i am i like really this game is amizing i play it everyday everey night when iam sleeping i bigin to play this game poker heat

  • Posted by WolVes
  • 14,459
  • 238

poker heat the best game ever

luv it.. best game poker ever.. it's easy to unlock a new level.. the content was good.. good time killer and free chips nice too.. nice basic set up.. my

  • Posted by NovLins
  • 5,652
  • 79


Hello everyone, this time I will try to make a post about the WSOP and POKER HEAT, both of which are made by PLAYTIKA. 1. In terms of features, in my opinion,

  • Posted by Soe1911
  • 2,484
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Kody i hacki

Siema. Mógł autor: ktoś używa jakies aktualne, działające kody do poker heat? Z góry wielkie dziękuję. Ten poker jest jedną z najlepszych gier w jakă

  • Posted by Bulandro84
  • 3,317
  • 3

poker heat. poker heat

I really love this game. so much!!!. a lot of my friends also playing this game and they also love and enjoying this game so much. thank you.

  • Posted by 19mike68
  • 5,119
  • 35

Poker Heat Forum

Join the Forum, Discuss anything about Poker Heat. You can talk about tips, tricks, cheats, ask for help or simply introduce yourself to the club. These are the most recent topics and posts on Poker Heat Forum.

Welcome Poker Heat Gamers! Introduce yourself here

  • Started by: vardump
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Request: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

  • Started by: vardump
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Suggest a Forum Category

  • Started by: vardump
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Poker Heat Chips For Sell

  • Started by: Pheatchips4sell
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Hand Scenario And What Can I Do If Anything

  • Started by: dmurek9494
  • Last Post by papiers
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Problema Com O Aplicativo

  • Started by: Doni1974
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Poker Heat

  • Started by: Smalls1974
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poker heat free chips poker heat league tips how to get more league points poker heat bonus chips free league points chips giveaway

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Poker Heat Game Information:

Monthly Users: 100,000

Weekly Users: 100,000

Daily Users: 50,000

Monthly Users Rank: 0

Daily Users Rank: 0

Fan Page Likes: 0

Fan Page Talking About Count: 898

Platform: Android Facebook iOS

Game Types: Cards Casino

Company: Playtika LTD.


Game Status: Active

Playtika LTD. Company Overview

Playtika creates social casino games includes hits such as Solotmania, Caesar's Casino, and WSOP

Playtika LTD. Company Mission

Our mission is to create the best poker experience in the world. Move up the leagues and becomes of poker legend!