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Poker Heat Tips: Leagues, Promotions & Free Chips

Guide for playing Poker Heat how to get more of it and advance to the next leagues. Tips for getting more free chips and all promotions explained.

  • Posted by MiaME
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Thanks for free chips

Thanks poker heat i am i like really this game is amizing i play it everyday everey night when iam sleeping i bigin to play this game poker heat

  • Posted by WolVes
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poker cheat

thanks i really really really really love it..nothing i can say with this but needed 200 contents i think so it begins here!!abcdefajdtekwggyiojfdbsksjdhdgdvd

  • Posted by MustaKana
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Kody i hacki

Siema. Mógł autor: ktoś używa jakies aktualne, działające kody do poker heat? Z góry wielkie dziękuję. Ten poker jest jedną z najlepszych gier w jakă

  • Posted by Bulandro84
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poker heat. poker heat

I really love this game. so much!!!. a lot of my friends also playing this game and they also love and enjoying this game so much. thank you.

  • Posted by 19mike68
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Hack for poker

Thanks to it's really a lot, I love .. nothing I can say with this, but it takes 200 contents that she can give here! nothing I can say with this, but 200

  • Posted by 145591529853064
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Poker Heat Forum

Join the Forum, Discuss anything about Poker Heat. You can talk about tips, tricks, cheats, ask for help or simply introduce yourself to the club. These are the most recent topics and posts on Poker Heat Forum.

Welcome Poker Heat Gamers! Introduce yourself here

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Request: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

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Suggest a Forum Category

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Poker Heat

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Free Chips

  • Started by: LynRaliugaFerna
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Small Change In The Game Poker Heat ???!!!

  • Started by: MaciejKOwalski
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poker heat free chips poker heat league tips how to get more league points poker heat bonus chips free league points chips giveaway

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How many Masks have you collected so far? Show us! Write it down or post a screenshot of it in the comments below & keep playing for today’s grand prize! >>


Mardi Gras always calls for a special kind of celebration. 🥳 Follow the link to enjoy up to 40% more Chips & bring the party to the tables! >>


The parades, the colors, the food… What’s YOUR favorite? 🥳 Leave your answer in the comments below & head in now to play for the FESTIVE 100,000,000 Chip prize of today’s Mardi Gras Raffle! >>


Hear thee, heat thee! We have in our hands the results of the latest Royal Raffle! The royal rewardees are: HIRO, Elwira, Alicia, Angelo, Scotty... Enjoy your newfound riches! As for the rest of you: worry not, more chances to win big are just around the corner. Matter of fact, here's one of them right here >>


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Think you got this one in the bag? Show us. Type “ROYAL HEAT, ROYAL PRIZE” in the comments below & play now to win more tickets and secure your win! >>


Attention, heaters! The new Playoffs start today, with some major, major changes IN YOUR FAVOR! The Mega Wheel Bonus for all qualifiers is now 330% (was 300%)... All purchases now give 900% more Chips to all qualifiers All the free bonuses now give 750% more Chips to all qualifiers To celebrate the change, we have a little math quiz for you 🧮‍‍ Let’s GO! >>


HOT Game mode & an even HOTTER reward. Head in now to see how you can win & bring the HEAT to win 50MIL Chips! >>


Savings Superhero's job here is almost done After helping countless players save big, it’s almost time for him to leave ⏱ Play now & check out those super offers before it is too late >>


We made some MAJOR, awesome changes in the Playoffs. Tomorrow's the 1st time they'll take effect. If you're lucky enough, you'll get to experience them first-hand >>


Hurry, milord! There’s only a few hours left to claim what’s rightfully yours →


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The shield is raised! 🛡 Go as hard as you want at the tables today, because we Got You Covered! Head in & check it out! >>


Make some noise for our Tournament winners: Scorching Aces! The 4,000,000,000 Chip Prize Pool is being divided & sent to each teammate as we speak. Good job, guys! Head in now to rack up BIG Pots & come again at the next Team Tournament for some more Poker Team ACTION! >>


Rep your team in the comments below to connect with fellow teammates & play together to bring your team closer to the BIG 1st place prize! >>


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The Poker Heat Team Tournament is officially ON! Play now to find out on which team you are & bring the heat at the tables to get it to the 1st place! >>


How long can you keep your flame going? Leave your answer in the comments below & head in now to scorch the tables! >>


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