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Poker Heat Tips: Leagues, Promotions & Free Chips

Guide for playing Poker Heat how to get more of it and advance to the next leagues. Tips for getting more free chips and all promotions explained.

  • Posted by mia21
  • 33,849
  • 191

Thanks for free chips

Thanks poker heat i am i like really this game is amizing i play it everyday everey night when iam sleeping i bigin to play this game poker heat

  • Posted by WolVes
  • 4,897
  • 150

poker cheat

thanks i really really really really love it..nothing i can say with this but needed 200 contents i think so it begins here!!abcdefajdtekwggyiojfdbsksjdhdgdvd

  • Posted by MustaKana
  • 3,027
  • 56

Poker heat cheats honest players

If your cheat me ever again you will never see daylight again and how in the fuck is Facebook let you attach to Facebook . Facebook this game , Poker Heat has a

  • Posted by DonBurden
  • 381
  • 1

poker heat the best game ever

luv it.. best game poker ever.. it's easy to unlock a new level.. the content was good.. good time killer and free chips nice too.. nice basic set up.. my

  • Posted by NovLins
  • 635
  • 4

Lil pump

I used to love this game however since the last updates it randomly closes and i am unable to play a single hand. When i contacted the developer i was told it

  • Posted by LeonDabrowski
  • 424
  • 3

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Welcome Poker Heat Gamers! Introduce yourself here

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by ForgetMabasa
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Request: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by Bulldog
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Suggest a Forum Category

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by RobertFallona
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Free Chips

  • Started by: LynRaliugaFerna
  • Last Post by DavidLewisTacke
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Small Change In The Game Poker Heat ???!!!

  • Started by: MaciejKOwalski
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  • Started by: EfrainCamacho
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World Class Devision 1

  • Started by: KostadinZlatino
  • Last Post by AaronandEliFain
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poker heat free chips poker heat league tips how to get more league points poker heat bonus chips free league points chips giveaway

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Poker Heat

Congratulations to our new Royal Heroes! Enjoy your 50,000,000 Chips! Didn’t get it this time? Don’t worry! Collect your Free Chips & try again next time! >>

Likes: 152 Shares: 33 Posted:

Poker Heat

Collect Crowns 🌡 Fill your Crown Bars 🌡 Get the prize! Collect your Free Coins & go for the bonus! >>

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Poker Heat

Are you ready to Ace this thing? ♠ Collect your Free Chips & get on it! >>

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Poker Heat

Swoop in for the prize, but don’t lose your crown! Collect your Free Chips & get your Raffle tickets! >>

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Poker Heat

⏱ What are you waiting for? Your Monday freebie is waiting! ⏱ Start your week off with some Free Chips & a (not so) little treat on us! >>

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Poker Heat

Congratulations to all the giveaway winners! Beto, Ralph, Lynn, Pamela, danimal Enjoy your 10,000,000 Chips! Didn't get it this time? No worries! ... Collect your Free Chips & try again at the next giveaway! >>

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Poker Heat

Today’s order of business: to give you, the people, Free Chips and amazing deals >>

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Poker Heat

Congratulations to all the chosen ones! Radmanmike, Michael, Maze, Shaunki, Wil. Enjoy your 40,000,000 Chips! Didn't get it this time? no worries! ... Collect your Free Chips & try again next time! >>

Likes: 255 Shares: 43 Posted:

Poker Heat

You're On Fire! Turn your hot streak into FLAMING PRIZES! Lk for the special Fire Mode table! Claim your Free Gift & Win hands in a row >>

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Poker Heat

⏱ 24 hours to complete 3 Reverse missions for the big prize! ⏱ Collect your Free Chips & get on it now! >>

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Poker Heat

Get your crown, cape, and ALL these benefits! Collect your Free Chips & become King for a Day! >>

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Poker Heat

The AC's all the way up on TURBO today! 🌡 Collect your Free Chips & join the heat! >>

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Poker Heat

Chips Mountain is rough and unmerciful, but those who reach its top will never forget the feeling. Or the prize. Collect Chips & start your climb now >>

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Poker Heat

What a lovely week it’s been! Collect your Free Chips & get your biggest Valentine’s Week Bonus of them all! >>

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Poker Heat

The Lovers are waiting for you! Don’t Break their hearts Don’t just stand there! ⏱ Collect your Free Chips & win BIG! >>

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Poker Heat

Spend Valentines with your K’s and Q’s >>

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Poker Heat

2 bonuses left! Collect your Free Chips & get today’s Valentine's Bonus! >>

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Poker Heat

Last chance to figure out what you're made off Are you a Hero, or ⃣? Collect your Free Chips & find out at the tables! >>

Likes: 189 Shares: 16 Posted:

Poker Heat

Congratulations are in order to the Save My Chips Raffle winners! Enjoy your 50,000,000 Chips! Didn't get it this time? Don't worry Collect your Free Chips & try getting the prize next time! >>

Likes: 247 Shares: 38 Posted:

Poker Heat

Go, Go, Go! This is your chance to walk away with enough Chips to last a lifetime!!! >>

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Poker Heat

Are you still in the run for the coveted Cashback? Yes or no, don’t forget to claim today’s bonus! Collect your Free Chips & claim it now!! >>

Likes: 239 Shares: 25 Posted:

Poker Heat

Hero or Zero Collect Chips & join the action >>

Likes: 201 Shares: 14 Posted:

Poker Heat

Make any purchase. Play as wildly as you want! We’ll cover some of your losses, so you can allow yourself to go a little extra hard today! Collect Free Chips and start the wildness now >>

Likes: 194 Shares: 17 Posted:

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