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I use to play on pokerheat but after pokerheat made à uppdate and now I can not play any more, I can download  the poker but when I opend its just shuts down, I have Send three or four mail and I dont get any respons or help  

Im useing Ipad

enyone who also have any problem

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Yes i have i have a hard time believing pokerheat is on the up and up. I have lost some hands that were totally ridiculous. Not once or twice but regularly. Especially when you have won a tremendous amout of chips. You will continue to lose hand after hand. And this happens continuously. I have played pokerheat for at least 3 years.Yes no doubt its not thats on the up and up.
I love pokerheat
yes its totally amazing

Poker Heat is a crooked discussing poker game ever on line and I am suprise that Facebook it afiladated with Poker Heat. There are Colluders at every table and they always win. It’s sad that a honest player can’t have fun BUT when they have Colluder, cheaters, at the poker tables. I am glad to see were they are being sued

I like poker heat999999999
My card no win... all in loser... follow card loser... why

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