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We love to create new Poker Heat forum categories for you to post. Any Idea?

laugh Post your suggestions here.

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Why does Poker Heat have almost zero activity?  Cause the game has almost no details on how to play how to get ahead etc.  Do a  search & you end up here. Most posts are either over a  year old or says 1 of 2 things - Poker Heat cheats me or give me free chips. Here is an example of what support COULD do if it wanted to.  Assign a person to update and add things.  For example I have a ton of friends and get a ton of chips a day.  BUT PH says 30 max and yet I have over 50.  Half of them are greyed out and there is NO way to tell if anyone has gifted me back or is even active.  Same thing with Stats No amount of how many hands played etc just %.  Check out WSOP and Poker Stars for how to run a game.  I have 2 WSOP accounts with 14 mill in one and 405 mill in the other yet play almost never due to the all in folks at every table.  And PH has no way to pick how much to bring to the table.  I have over 3 million and I show up at a table with folks with 25k?? 

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