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Hello everyone, this time I will try to make a post about the WSOP and POKER HEAT, both of which are made by PLAYTIKA. 1. In terms of features, in my opinion, we will find more at the WSOP, there is a cash table, as well as a tournament table with a variety of buyouts, while in POKER HEAT we have to keep playing on the cash table to raise or stay in certain leagues. 2. For problems such as daily free chips, we will both be able to get free chips from the two games, although with different amounts. And in this case, for the amount adjustment, as well as the buyin at the table, I think POKER HEAT is more realistic. There we will rarely find players with chips up to billions. 3. For graphics problems, I think it's just as good. All accompanied by good and colorful graphics. Equipped with giving a ring, bracelet, or trophy every time you reach a certain target. 4. The last one, which I think is the most important is the chance to win. Of course, for this we will be more comfortable playing if we have a better chance of winning. And one of these is determined by the number of players at the table when we play. We know that at the WSOP there are 9 tables in the cash table. Automatically we have less chance of winning, and we have to fold more. Whereas in POKER HEAT, there are 5 tables provided at maximum. Of course we have more chances of winning. Although it also depends on how we play. Which is your choice? And I will give you a video about POKER HEAT, and Thanks

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