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In May I had a problem having 3 B chips and playing  slot machine game suddenly was only with one B. I always since I am a customer of Pokerist I play at amounts less than 1M . Usual it is 1M.

The explanation that was told me it was that I played several 50M bids. Kindly the chips were returned asking me to check always the bid. I appreciated very much the support by email as the support in the game room wasn't effective.

Today  I was playing the new slot-machine  1m and without notice I realized that it had changed to 50M. 

I had 1.2 b and now only 200m.   I had the Smartphone Huawei 30 pro on at 1m and just went to lunch. 

Leaving the phone on the desk and when I restarted playing after 4 or 5 times I got the message to recharge and then I saw that the bid was 50M. 

Yes, that shows that something is wrong.  It was exactly 5he same bid amount 50m.To much coincidence for any mistake of myself.

Since there is no mistake from me or any action or distraction please  tell me how to prevent this kind of error.

I repeat I was playing at the bid of 1M, just left the phone on the desk and went to lunch and after I continued playing. Meanwhile the software changed the amount of the bid without any notice.

I am very careful and after what happened before I always check the bid amount. This time I did not check because I left the phone on and went to lunch  and after it I hold the phone continuing to play. I hope that KamaGames will act the same way as before giving me instructions to prevent such disgustful events.

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Got the reply from Pokerist: "The categories of tables are automatically selected in accordance with your current balance, and if you restart the application, then in this case you need to change the category of tables in the lobby again. There were no technical errors in this case. Unfortunately, we can't return your chips again, as we have already made an exception before."

A comment:

1 - I don't think ethical or legaly right that the platform adjust bids accordingly with the current balance. That is interfearence of privacy and freedom of the player.

2 - In this case the game wasn't restarted but was loged betwen lunch time and playing. If the platform restarted and was necessary to adjust the bet of chips then the player didn't know as its a technical detail not explained.

Due to this explanation and non return of chips used in abusive way there is not other way than claiming to the internet game control entity about this irregular

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