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Collect Slotomania Free Coins on Mobile

Collect free coins on mobile without using the Slotomania App. The working alternative if your having trouble collecting coins on mobile.

  • Posted by mia21
  • 623,761
  • 893

How to Get More Slotomania Free Coins & Bonus

Get more slotomania free coins with these tips. Collect more than 400,000 free coins daily. These tips are priceless and will help you a lot in slotomania.

  • Posted by mia21
  • 223,976
  • 263


I can send 5 cards all 4 star or 5 star, please help.… look on Facebook Akshun Jaxn I am looking for LITTLE REDUNDER Once upon a time! just add me on

  • Posted by AkshunJaxn
  • 34,424
  • 318

Need Help..

Looking for Ghoulish Grid and Tge Navigator in Auntum set. can someone help me out? If I have what you need I'll send it in return also looking for new

  • Posted by MohamadIsmail
  • 271
  • 4

Trade Cards for Help to complete sets

Hi All, willing to trade cards in exchange as I have have lots of autumn cards to trade but need help with the rest of the albums. I’m stuck on the summer

  • Posted by KyhMalcolm
  • 439
  • 11

Need some help

Looking for golden lotus and golden Phoenix in winter set can someone help me out? If I have what you need I'll send it in return also looking for new

  • Posted by DamionBarnhart
  • 201

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Welcome Slotomania - Slot Machines Gamers! Introduce yourself here

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Request: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

  • Started by: vardump
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Suggest a Forum Category

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by GbiaManuela
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I Have Rare Cards Only 5 Dolars 5 Card Minim 1 Off 5 Stars ,

  • Started by: PacanelPacman
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Need A Few Card From Spring, Summer And Auntum Album

  • Started by: MohamadIsmail
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Links Not Shared With Plug-in

  • Started by: DannyMack
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Help Gift Slotomania

  • Started by: MichaMaciejewsk
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Slotomania Slot Machines

Hi again guys! Think your eyes are still sharp after all that spinning? What’s the difference between Wolfy’s 2 pictures? COMMENT below. Carry on now! You have Aces to Win with the help of these FREE COINS ~Lucy

Likes: 284 Shares: 12 Posted:

Slotomania Slot Machines

Hello Jackpot lovers! Today all Quest related games are Ace featured. That means you get the chance to Win a 2-Star Ace while Questing Complete the Quest and you’ll Win another 4-Star or 5-Star Ace – depending on your chosen difficulty level. Come on let’s keep on spinning with some FREE COINS ... ~Lucy

Likes: 11 Shares: 39 Posted:

Slotomania Slot Machines

Hi there… I just LOVE Despicable Wolf, y’know? Under all that rough exterior, he has the softest heart. He is always gives me SlotoCards. Oh, look at me yapping about it… Ha ha! He doesn’t want you to know, but he left 10,000 FREE COINS for you. ~Lucy

Likes: 17 Shares: 57 Posted:

Slotomania Slot Machines

Hey there Slotomaniacs. Today ALL Quest games are Ace featured. Yay! Now you can chase a 2- Ace while Questing. Remember you can always double your progression and Power Up with Gems. Also, Double is on today – the ultimate time to level up fast!... Now chase that Ace with some FREE COINS ~Lucy

Likes: 26 Shares: 87 Posted:

Slotomania Slot Machines

Mighty Gorilla? Silver Lion? Or Despicable Wolf? COMMENT below - Who is your favorite Hero? And why? I’ll just put these FREE COINS here while you COMMENT. ~Lucy

Likes: 23 Shares: 75 Posted:

Slotomania Slot Machines

Ooh… I love riddles! Looks like it’s related to a Set in the Enchanted Forest Album. Can you solve it? COMMENT below and grab yourselves some FREE COINS ~Lucy

Likes: 29 Shares: 77 Posted:

Slotomania Slot Machines

Want to boost your Quest progression a little, spinners? You can Power Up with Gems to progress through missions twice as fast! Low on Gems? Level up Silver Lion to use his power & get Gems! Here are some FREE COINS for you ~Lucy

Likes: 34 Shares: 81 Posted:

Slotomania Slot Machines

Hey Spinners! I’ve heard some players already Won their first Coin Bag! Remember – complete your Quest to Win an Ace: It’s 4-Star on Medium difficulty and a 5-Star Ace on Hard. Come one! Grab your FREE COINS and keep on going.... ~Lucy

Likes: 35 Shares: 89 Posted:

Slotomania Slot Machines

Oh my… Mighty Gorilla just offered me a banana! He’s such a gentle giant! He also gave you this bag with 10,000 FREE COINS in it. ~Lucy

Likes: 36 Shares: 91 Posted:

Slotomania Slot Machines

Quest alongside your HEROES in the Enchanted Forest SlotoQuest! Choose a difficulty level - The harder the Quest, the better the prizes: Easy – Win a SlotoCards pack, Medium – a 4- Ace, Hard – a 5- Ace. Also, collect a guaranteed Hero Card along your Quest to level up & upgrade your Heroes’ powers. Come on! Let’s start Questing with FREE COINS... ~Lucy

Likes: 35 Shares: 98 Posted:

Slotomania Slot Machines

Man, things keep getting better! I just realized we all get Bigger Store & Status Up Bonuses. Go ahead! Spoil yourself some more FREE COINS as well! ~Lucy

Likes: 37 Shares: 93 Posted:

Slotomania Slot Machines

I’m sure y’all familiar with the New Piggy Piñata by now But, can you spot which Piñata is different than the others? A, B or C? Collect FREE COINS while you COMMENT below. ~Lucy

Likes: 36 Shares: 100 Posted:

Slotomania Slot Machines

Hey hey! Check out the new Piggy Piñata! Start filling it up every time you Level up, but it can only be filled so much... Make sure you break it on time! What do you think of my Piggy Piñata slogan: “Pack it & Whack it”? Think you can you do better? COMMENT your version below, using this pattern: _____ it & ______ it!... Now click this 15,000 FREE COINS link while COMMENTING ~Lucy

Likes: 34 Shares: 86 Posted:

Slotomania Slot Machines

Hey Spinners! Have you seen all the new changes? There are a lot more freebies ready for you to grab… Skeptical? Start with these FREE COINS and go check it out! ~Lucy

Likes: 38 Shares: 82 Posted:

Slotomania Slot Machines

Oh Boy! I’m so excited about all the new amazing changes! It just proves that free love always Wins! Here – Collect MORE 10,000 FREE COINS and keep enjoying it all. ~Lucy

Likes: 4 Shares: 97 Posted:

Slotomania Slot Machines

All you need is MORE! Bigger rewards, now and forever! - Press here to collect FREE COINS from our Profile. -... Problems collecting? Please long-press on the link, then copy and paste it into your browser. #more #bigger #freelove #spinning #spinandwin #together #freecoins #winning #winner #freeslots #jackpot #slotomania #freetoplay #goodluck #megawin #freecasino #bigwin #casino #goldcoins #lucky #winter #luck #metime #lovecasino #vegas #lasvegas #gold #slotmachines #premiumslots #socialslots

Likes: 25 Shares: 52 Posted:

Slotomania Slot Machines

Hello Spinners! Are you ready for a change? All you need is MORE! Bigger rewards, now and forever: Meet the New Piggy Piñata Higher Multiplier on Lotto Bonus 2 Permanent White Wedges on Mega Bonus & Golden Spin... Better Wheel of Stars & Ace Machine Prizes Get Stamped with more purchase options And much more! Log in, check it all out and spin some more with FREE COINS ~Lucy

Likes: 37 Shares: 96 Posted:

Slotomania Slot Machines

Last chance to be King for a day! You can be blessed with HUGE Prizes. Remember! 1 = 1 Also, earn ANY Badge today on King Valor to instantly Win a 4-Star Ace. Join the royal fun and get collecting with FREE COINS... ~Lucy

Likes: 4 Shares: 81 Posted:

Slotomania Slot Machines

Winners, I’ve got a nice little royal riddle for you. Think you can figure out what this anagram says? Only the wisest spinners can solve it! Grab some FREE COINS and don’t miss your chance to be King! ~Lucy

Likes: 44 Shares: 116 Posted:

Slotomania Slot Machines

Hear thee, fellow spinners! Today, you’ll get to know immediately if you are a King for a Day. Also, remember today’s challenge on King Valor– Earn ANY Badge to instantly Win a 4-Star Ace. Collect these dignified FREE COINS and keep on spinning. ~Lucy

Likes: 41 Shares: 107 Posted:

Slotomania Slot Machines

Time for some royal Trivia guys! What was King Arthur’s legendary sword’s name? 🗡 A) Excalibur B) Excelsior C) Executioner... D) Excellence COMMENT the answer while collecting your royal 🛡 FREE COINS 🛡 here. ~Lucy

Likes: 36 Shares: 91 Posted:

Slotomania Slot Machines

How is it going guys? Have you been anointed? Get ready to be showered with royal gifts if you have been! In the meanwhile, grab your 10,000 FREE COINS ~Lucy

Likes: 42 Shares: 123 Posted:

Slotomania Slot Machines

Imagine getting showered with royal gifts for a WHOLE day! #kingforaday - Press here to collect FREE COINS from our Profile. -... Problems collecting? Please long-press on the link, then copy and paste it into your browser. #kingforaday #KFAD #royalty #king #queen #slotking #slots #freecoins #winner #casino #jackpot #goodluck #slotomania #freebies #freeslots #slotmachines #freegames #freetoplay #winning #premiumslots #loveslots #freecasino #bigwin #slotocards #wild #lucky #winter #slotocards2019 #2019collection

Likes: 24 Shares: 45 Posted:

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