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Collect Slotomania Free Coins on Mobile

Collect free coins on mobile without using the Slotomania App. The working alternative if your having trouble collecting coins on mobile.

  • Posted by MiaME
  • 813,070
  • 984

How to Get More Slotomania Free Coins & Bonus

Get more slotomania free coins with these tips. Collect more than 400,000 free coins daily. These tips are priceless and will help you a lot in slotomania.

  • Posted by MiaME
  • 282,804
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I can send 5 cards all 4 star or 5 star, please help.… look on Facebook Akshun Jaxn I am looking for LITTLE REDUNDER Once upon a time! just add me on

  • Posted by AkshunJaxn
  • 40,160
  • 335

Aug 2020 Private Eye Pic

This puzzle is pretty easy - i take a picture from my phone of puzzle on my laptop so i can study it as i collect items. here are some of the harder to find

  • Posted by LuckyLisa
  • 1,091

Need Gequ Wang card from ShangHai album

The title says it all... I really need the "Geqc Wang" card from Shanghai album. I will send whatever you need if I have it and some extras to turn in

  • Posted by Ddizzle
  • 1,568
  • 3

Low on coins? 

If your not winning then play Madusa, bet low and get high payouts. I always do this when I have low coins and it always build my balance up. If you haven't

  • Posted by Breezebabe33
  • 4,866
  • 4

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Welcome Slotomania - Slot Machines Gamers! Introduce yourself here

  • Started by: vardump
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Request: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by Breahclark2010
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Suggest a Forum Category

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by njs888
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Tips On Getting Club Points Faster

  • Started by: IslandRedbird
  • Help
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Cards To Trade To Finish Album

  • Started by: Dilldoe88
  • Last Post by JamJarr
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Which Types Of Casino You Enjoy During This Pandemic?

  • Started by: Freya
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Card Exchange Needed Please

  • Started by: Jdpalmy
  • Last Post by bbandu
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Pie’m so excited to introduce our new game, Slotomaniacs! Take the thyme to read about it… I promise it’ll wow the stuffing out of you! In Catch a Turkey, you’ll find: Hopping Wilds with multipliers Free Spins with ONLY high paying symbols & Multiplying Wilds that drop Sticky Wilds all over your reels!... Up to X35 Wild multipliers! Multiple Jackpots won in a single bonus round! Extra prizes from the Purple Dish! As you can see, you cran feast on HUGE WINS! Play it now with FREE COINS ~Lucy



Hi guys Need to make today GOLDEN? Break Piggy and you’ll get lots of Coins AND a 5 - Star Gold Card! Grab these FREE COINS and get crackin’! ~Lucy


Know a player that you want to thank, but don’t know how? Nominate them to win a HUGE GIFT from Slotomania! We want to hear from you and the reason why you want to say thanks. Winners will be chosen from your nominations! Collect FREE COINS and nominate now!... ~Lucy


Hey there SlotoFolks! Collecting Coin Bags on Hard or Medium in the Quest today randomly gets you Boosters, Turbo or Lion Hero. Start collecting and grab these FREE COINS before you go. ~Lucy


Hey there, SlotoFans Guess what! You can get a Gold Card and a surge of Coins if you break your Piggy today What are you waiting for? Grab these FREE COINS and go! ... ~Lucy


Hi Slotomanians! Finish all your dashes today to win Chasing Fireflies Bonus Mania. What better way to end the Dash day than with a Bonus Mania? Here are FREE COINS for even more fun. ~Lucy


What’s up Dashers? Today, win Chasing Fireflies Bonus Mania when you complete all Dashes. Get a super sweet Free Spins Bonus Game, have fun and win BIG! Take these FREE COINS before you get dashin’! ~Lucy


Say ‘farewell’ to Tinker Bell, Slotomaniacs ‍ Tinker Bell’s Fortunes will be moving to Sloto Classics in 24 hours! Enjoy these last hours with Game Mania! Trigger the Captain Hook Bonus to win X50 your total bet instead of X20 ‍ Grab these FREE COINS and go! ... ~Lucy


Hey Spinners, Want to do something special for a fellow player? Nominate them to win a BIG GIFT from us! Follow the link inside the game and tell us why you think they deserve to win. Winners will be chosen on November 29th.... Collect these FREE COINS and submit your nomination! ~Lucy


Hello there fellow Questers! Collect Coin Bags on Medium or Hard to win awesome prizes including a 4 - Star Card! Each Coin Bag you collect gives you something different, so don’t miss out! Grab these FREE COINS for more fun. ~Lucy


Things are lookin’ good, SlotoFans! Lucky Spin has BIGGER MULTIPLIERS today Grab these FREE COINS and go for a Spin! ~Lucy


Did someone say BIGGER MULTIPLIERS? Yep, Lucky Spin has them today Collect these FREE COINS and get Lucky! ~Lucy


Hi guys! It’s time to get Lucky Enjoy BIGGER MULTIPLIERS in Lucky Spin today! And don’t forget, you can now spin TWICE and get the better reward Grab these FREE COINS and go! ... ~Lucy


What’s up Slotofolks? Check out the HARVEST offer and get ready for awesome surprises like a 5 - Star Gold Card and TURBO! How cool is that? Grab these FREE COINS and get that offer. ~Lucy


Want to move up in the SuperCup? It’s super easy today - collect Coin Bags from the Quest to win Clan Points in each one! Here are FREE COINS to help. ~Lucy


How about a surprise prize? Each time you get the HARVEST offer you have the chance to get an awesome random prize! What will you get? Take these FREE COINS and check it out! ~Lucy


Hello Spinners! How’s the SuperCup going? Don’t forget, collect as many Clan Points as you can within the event time limit to rank up with your Clan and become #1. You can do it! Grab these FREE COINS and good luck! ~Lucy


Hey Slotofolks! Looking for Clan points? Coin Bags collected in the Quest give out Clan Points. Grab these FREE COINS and get moving! ~Lucy


Hey Slotomanians! Check out the Harvest Prize Deal - win awesome prizes including a Wild Ordinary and a 5 - Star Card when you get the HARVEST special offer in the game. Here are FREE COINS for more fun! ~Lucy


GEMS have gone WILD! 3,000 lucky winners will get a WILD just for using their Gems Collect these FREE COINS & go use your Gems! ~Lucy


Guess WHAT, SlotoFriends?! Today you get to progress even FASTER on SlotoQuest Activate Power Up to get 10 minutes instead of 5 ️ Collect these FREE COINS and go finish that Quest! ~Lucy


We have a GEMAZING Sale for you today, Slotomaniacs Get 40% MORE with EVERY Gem purchase! Use these Gems in the game for a chance to win a WILD Take these FREE COINS and go play! ~Lucy


Hi, Friends! You can visit the Shiny Tree TWICE today! Isn’t that awesome? That means every 20 10 hours! Collect these FREE COINS and shine on! ~Lucy


Hey, SlotoFamily🥰 Just wanted to remind you that today’s the day to use your Gems in the game The more you use them, the better your chance to win a WILD CARD! Go wild with FREE COINS ~Lucy


I have a feeling today’s gonna be a GEMAZING DAY, SlotoFamily! When you use your Gems today you’ll have a chance to win a WILD CARD Stock up on Gems in the HUGE SALE & collect prizes from the Shiny Tree every 10 hours 🥰 Grab these FREE COINS & MAKE TODAY SPARKLE! ~Lucy


Hey Slotomanians! Go all out and have fun with a Purple Medal Challenge on Bear King. Each Purple Medal you win gives you a different Card like a Shiny Card, 5 - Star Card and a 4 - Star Ace Card to get closer to completing your Album! Here are FREE COINS for even more fun. ~Lucy


Want to double your Mega Win? Now’s your chance with Double Up. Make any purchase to qualify, get a Mega Win, then pick a lucky hand for a chance to double your Mega Win! Hope your next Mega Win is a big one but take these FREE COINS for extra help. ~Lucy


It’s a Purple Medal hunt! Earn Purple Medals for the Bear King Challenge and win rare Cards! Take these FREE COINS and get to spinning! ~Lucy


Say hello to a NEW Clan Bonus When a Clan Member earns a Silver or Gold Medal, EVERY Clan Member wins a special Clan Bonus! How great is that?! Take these FREE COINS and go after those Medals! ~Lucy


Hey there, Spinners! Have you DOUBLED UP yet? Pick a hand, see what’s within, and you could DOUBLE your Mega Win! Collect your FREE COINS and get picking! ~Lucy


What’s up Slotopeeps? Check out the Purple Medal Challenge on Bear King - win some super rare Cards that could get you closer to completing your Album! Here are FREE COINS to help. ~Lucy



Hi guys! Get DOUBLE the Stamps today to fill your Stamp Card faster Oh, and look for the Gold Stamp on selected packages to add even more value to your Stamp Card Collect these FREE COINS and get Stampin’! ~Lucy


Hey Slotomanians! Finish a Chapter in the Quest today to win a Lotto Bonus Win Coins and Cards to help you get closer to completing your album. Collect these FREE COINS and go Quest! ~Lucy


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Monthly Users Rank: 129

Daily Users Rank: 55

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Fan Page Talking About Count: 39,917

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Game Status: Active