Slotomania Slot Machines 3rd Album Swaps

Updated list: Pink party, X-564, Checkmate, Sheriff piggy,Wendy wool, Razbazkin, Khatres cat, One-eyed Joe, Bars of gold, golden safe, bag of diamonds, treasure chest, the stringer, human bowl, shewolf shelly, fearsome franky. Have a collection of cards to swap.
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Do you have extra cards from the first and second album?

i sent a friend request...


Hi i need one eyed joe. Think i can help you

hello i have rake it trade for Harry Horseshoe :) add me :)

I have Art of Anubis, Christmas Piggy, Rake it up, Golden Hay and Chicken Charlie. I need Checkmate from the Victory group, Kharese Cat from Pharoah, and One Eyed Joe from Jolly Rogers. Friend me on Facebook if you have any of these.
Rake it up, chicken charlie , and golden hay would complete my album, I will add you, I may have other cards you may need
I sent request, thank you
Thank you for cards I will follow your updated posts also to see if I can repay the favour
No sorry

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