Slotomania Slot Machines Album 3 Cards Needed: X-564, Golden Gust, Dark Light Bonus, Designer Bag, Foofi, Hardhitter Fortune Frog, Tin Mau, Lady&gentleman Beyond Appearance

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have tons of all others to trade -add me !!

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I have the last 2 u need

check out my list of cards if u need some more or if u can help me out with some which i am missing.

I have  this cards for trade

album 3

1- leafs lust,the answer,the guardian,the healer,power of light,wild flower

2- china chug,the kettle,california cake,bronze brewer,cup of luck,cherry charmer,

3-beach hat,sun smart,sand writing,bottle popping,yachtlife,pool party,happy hour

4- space radar,the viewer,zorx

5-late winner,go team,champion cup,first to finish,

6-chef piggy,indiana piggy,sammy piggy,laprechaun piggy,king of the piggys

7-rake it up,golden hay,buns bunny,chicken charlie,freddy farmer,ollie ox


9-kings ashes,horus victory,art of anubis,golden jackal,the lock,coin of nefertari

10- golden hook,the skulls,seaside sam,the map,the alexandra, jose muerto

11- gold cart,bag of diamonds

12- fish bone,furlicious,mad meow

13- kuala cool,king kodiak,panda riffic,urus ursidae,papa polar

14- gary ghost,spooky stella,cedric cyclops,demonic dana,shewolf shelly,dreadful danny

15- shanghai soarer,litheon,black burn,white wrath,iceeon

16- coupon chaos,,nyc bonus,wheel of wow,

17-diamont ring,goldie,designer bag

18- zahara

19 - red latern,treasure of bejing

20- lady and gentlman,cleo and tony, sea lovers


and now cards i need


1-wisdom bloom

2-pink party

3- fly high

4- orbitron

6- sheriff piggy,christmas piggy

8- razbakin

9- khafres cat

10- one eyed joe

11- bars gold,the brief case

12- human bowl,grrreisha

13- big brown,himalaya hunter

14- fearsome franky

15- golden gust

16- garden bonus,star bonus

17- the pearl,fragnance of love,foofi

18- hardhitter

19- fortune frog,tin mau

20- online lovers,beyond appearance


I have some of them, please add me

I did add u just let me know which cards u need and I will sent it


I just recieved: wisdom bloom

                         fly high



                         big brown

so no need for them anymore

thx Sorecau


I have a fotune frog but I need a checkmate in return


Do you have Gary Ghost, Glass Shoe and Bling Bling? 

Do you have Gary Ghost? i got fragnance of love

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