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laugh so I have two questions number one when you start the auto collect process and it opens a window every 30 seconds or whatever does it automatically collect those coins or do you have to go to that window and hit play now? Second question how do you stop auto collect it's driving me insane? Thanks 

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I hit the auto once and it messed everything up for me. So I come to this page, hit the menu bar and make sure I am logged in with fb, then click uses fb links NOT mobile (although playing from my mobile) reason being is I would have to log out of the slots game each time, then set the interval to every 15 seconds and not a problem since! Hope this helps
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1.  It only opens ONE window from there every 30 seconds a new bonus link will be loaded to that window. You can adjust the time interval if you have a slow internet connection.

2. If you are playing on a web browser you don't have to do anything, it will open the links one by one and you will be able to collect the free coins.


If you are using a mobile device you can use the Puffin Web Browser or any web browser app that can let you play a flash game. The Auto Collect button will work just set it to use the Facebook Links.

@mia21 I've tried and tried and tried and I'm going NUTS! Have even tried it on 2 other FB accounts :/

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