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Hello.I have all the cards in duplicate it misses only bullhorn.I exchange it for 5, 10, 20 see more.I have them all double.
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Hi I know you don't know me and I dont have your bullhorn but if u can help me out with Fuschian Fossil,Charles Slotsteel, Williams wheel, Ferdinad Magellan, Lunchy, Pet-me-Patty, and lovers lap. Please I'll owe u big time I promise I'll get you back in the near future( at least Lunchy, Pet-me and Charles Slotsteel Pretty Please) Thanks for your time
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Hello, i have fossil, charles slotsteel, williams wheel, you have any of the below to trade?

  1. Under the sea - 2/3/4
  2. The cuties - 3
  3. Hollywood - 1/8
  4. Cirque du sloto - 1/4


i have this card

i need celtic ciara and secret santa

have you them?

yes i have but is à gold card. impossible To trade.

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