Slotomania Slot Machines Can Cards From 1st Album Still Be Traded?

I have not finished any sets in the first Album.....can anyone help me or tell me if they are tradeable even? Thanks for any help!


Bonus Delight---Cherry Pie , Snow Cone, Ice Cream Needed.

Work It Out-- Sally, Cassandra, Sal , Wizard Of Luck

Go Fish-- Cash Crab, Money Fish, Spin Urchan, Sea Horse, Dolphin , Yellow Tang

Puppy Love -- Furry Fred, Cassie , Toto, Duke, Yolanda

Pedal To The Medal-- Coaster

Platinum Blondes-- Bobby Jean,  Hanna, Rachel, Trixie, ssica

Cooking Club-- Butterball, Todays Catch, Pepperoni, Eggs & Ham

Sloto Band-- Glam Slam, Thrash, Horacio

Hats Off-- Witch Hat, Fez, 

Cheers-- Beer Mug, Tequilla, Red Marquarita, Blue Lagoon, Cheers, Boss' Brandy

Wild Cards-- Good & Evil, Moonlight, Golden Wild

Green Monsters-- Zorg, Aligator Al, Vera, Freaky Fiona, Craig , Zalga

Golden Luck--Lucky Star, Horseshoe

Wild Cats-- Bold Lioness, Dark Panther, Cheetah Chase, Cougar Clark, Trixie Tiger, Silver Lion

Royal Neptunes--King Neptune, Cleopatra, Candy King, Edward, Josephine, Moon Goddess, King Midas

Thanks for Any Help! Please Send fb message....So i see Your post thank you!




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I can help you album 1.add me friend.

Do you have anything to trade in the second album?


If you still need these cards add me and let me know what cards you want in what order to complete sets.

I have spares of every card. The only tradable card i was unable to get was "Edward" in the Royal Dreams set.



Do you have Leopard lex? From album 1.

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