Slotomania Slot Machines Card Swap

tea time - pink party

v for victory - checkmate

Wing Masters - golden gust

bonus time - dark light bonus

The good life - foofi

Wild safari - hardhitter, keere shan

Oriental magic - fortune frog, tin mau

Better together - online lovers, beyond appearance


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I have the destroyer and the stringer .. I need a few from the galactic glory .. the takeover and area58 .. I think I have a few from the bear one that u want too.. I can send you a friend request so we can swap

Hi!, ive accepted and sent you a msg! thanks

Hi everyone, does anyone have a spare manoletinas(second album), king neptune, leopard lex, wendy and goldfish cards for me?Or any other ?I'm still stuck on the first 2 albums please help

if i had them i would send them, sadly ive got no cards from the second album, goodluck :)

Hi there im in need of one eyed joe!!! What are you after desperately

sorry bud, i sent one eye joe to another friend yesterday, but i will keep an eye out for it and send it if i come accross it! 

Hello I have Celtic cyclops and I need grrreisha

im sorry i dont have that one, feel free to leave a list so i can send if i get them!

Hey Terrence, I have some GOOD NEWS for you!!  I looked over what you needed and I have the following (unless that's changed):


Spooky Stars > Cedric Cyclops

Wild Safari > Zee

Oriental Magic > Empress's Crown


I think is a way to capture my current album pages, but I'm not sure how to do it so I could tell you what I needed.

If I come across any cards you need I will send, will follow your updates

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