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I am in desperate need of casino chips from album 2. As well as foofi, picnic party, bars of gold and Himalayan hunter . All from the last set of albums. Lots of card to trade. 

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Have Himalayan Hunter.
Need  Razbazkin, Wendy Wool, Khafres Cat.
But more important is    Golden Gust or King Kodiak
If wwant to trade just add me.

I have tax asking and Wendy wool, but they complete my set.

i have an extra lagers cat. And the other one.... Was it Kodak king? Not king Kodak? Cause I have extra of that too. 

Sorry spell check lol. Razbazkin 

Khafers cat. I have extra 

Khafers cat. I have extra 

move never traded b4 so I'm not sure what to do so can u add me and tell me what to do if u want to trade 

do you need help? trading?

Maybe, thanks. Not sure if she wants to trade

I have Himalaya hunter if you haven't gotten it, but I can't send any more cards for 9 hours.

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