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I have some extra cards left from 2018 available for exchange.

In Spring (with stars): Flamyon(2), Ranger Rob(3), The Shiny Lion(5), Will Wild's Best(4), and Mr. & Mrs. Slick(5)

In Autumn: Mr. Galaxy(1), Banana Blast(2), Jelly Jolliness(4), Heart Candy(4), Planet Sweetness(5), Inspector Dale(4), Marvelous Martha(5), and Jackpot!(4).

more cards: In Autumn: Mini Mojo(4), Flower Empress(4), The Red Ruler(4), Pretty Prize(3), and Mega Bonus(3)

I need stars to play Wheel of Stars, so if you need any cards above, please send me double stars of any cards (in 2018) to me and I'll send you the card(s) you need to you.   For example, if you need Banana Blast, it is two stars, so please send me a 4-star card, or two 2-star cards, or any combination of multiple cards with total stars 4+.  Then I'll send you the Banana Blast.

Thank you!

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I need mr and Mrs slick. I have 13 stars I can send you

I need heart candy in the Autumn Album. I can give you stars.

Jullian, I have the card you need, but I couldn't find you in face book.  Please add me through the link "Facebook Profile" under my name.  Thank you.


I added you

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