Slotomania Slot Machines Firecracker And Battle Of Nyphoria Needed, Will Trade X

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I have the following too tradeAUTUMN ALBUMAlaska, Murdock Money monster, big wheel Bertha, blinger777, super sliderThumper, stumpyHaunting Howard.Amar, the super coinGoldie mispring, wendy withers.Ms fortune fish, the guardian, firebeards fury ( need fire cracker )Flame fatale Grumpy mcspin, Mary mcriches Grun redharrison, winterblade, ragnar springnard Fortune fruit, wonder wellThe shuffle, the wheel, secret message, lucky jackWheels of wealth, inspector Dale, flower empressAlso hv various from previous albums , pls just ask too much too type lol
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Hey I tried to find you on Facebook do you have the same picture my name is Billy Jackson add me and I will send you that card
I had the same trouble when trying to find ppl on fb from here, telling me link was expired etc .. I'll check for u now.. thanks x
I've searched a few times I cant find you .. yes my pic is same on here name is Olivia Campbell bio will be bachelor of buisness administration and lives in Melbourne victoria Australia..
Lol sorry for the headache.. think I figured out the Facebook link issue on here .. Had to go into acc settings and allow show for the link too continue straight over to profile. Seems to have worked.. try it when u find a spare min..Also are there any cards in particular your needing ?

don't know if you had any luck with what you need, i have a few and still need what everyone else apparently needs from the autumn set; need dice of fate, balthazar boo, firecracker, and planet sweetness....


need the immortal from the summer album... any help would be appreciated; let me know what you may need, as well.....


How do I start trading

hi olivia , sent request for friend on fb to trade cards, cheers , mick.

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Add me on fb

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