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Ever since we've had to login in order to collect bonuses for Slotomania I find that I freeze during bonus collection now.  That was never a real issue before the mandatory login for collection.  If I did freeze during collection of bonuses before the mandatory login; I was able to go back and collect them once I refreshed the page.  Now when the freeze happens during bonus collection, whatever bonuses where selected to be collected during the freeze are lost.  They can no longer be collected, because, they just disappear.   This happens to me all the time now.  I freeze all the time now.  I personally collect once sometimes twice a day.  Which is a lot to collect at one time; about 40 bonuses.   I can lose 5 to 7 bonuses at a time when the freeze hits; which can be two or three times.  Does anyone else have this issue or is it just me?

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OK, maybe its just me!  


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