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Hello I've tried so hard to get Moon Huntress, Alice, Little Red, Mr. Right, Tinker Bell and Gypsy Gina. Can someone tell me what game I need to play to get these cards, please. I'm only in the 800 levels, I've tried everything possible but seem to keep getting low duplicate cards. I've been traiding them on the wheel because I'm always at a zero balance.  So frustrated..... I have found a slotomania level guide on line that seems to work, but it's very out dated and only works on older games. Is there anyone out there that can help me find these cards, please... I would be so grateful. mail

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Right now the best way to get gold cards is by doing the island quests that are going for 9 more days. Aside from that when Album 2 was still active spinning the wheel of stars was the best way to get gold cards (Hoping they bring it back for Album 3). Trading with others here on the forums has helped many people for none gold but still hard to get or stubburn low cards.

The more you bet the better quality the cards are usually (I am sure there is some randomness to this).


So Islands or trading for the (non gold) cards you mentioned are the best way.

Thank you for replying, I don't have anything worth traiding unfortunately, I sure wish I did. I've been playing the island game and keep getting cards I already have. That's why I'm so frustrated haha. Thanks for the ideas, I really appreciate it.

I have Gold Bars that's about all I have.
I have little red!!!!

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