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Hi I have all card for trade excep little red and exchange I NEED  Giannis, Moon hunt and Perseus..please help :)


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hi i need gypsy gina, Tinkerbell, Mr. Right, Bruce, Alice, grandma, Little red, big bad wolf, Peter pan, Golden touch, Giannis, golden lyre, moon huntress, Dionysus and medusa can you help me?

I have some for you have Perseus?

  • CalNeo
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hi i need double sword, silly lucy, roulette wheel, funshine, bratty bat anyone has these cards i can trade cards that you need... i have qt alot of every card

Do you have any of this card to send me   Giannis, Moon hunt and Perseus

  • KlausChu
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I can send you Giannis. I need Dionyus and Little Red. 

I don't have those 2 cards like I write. All other cards I have duplicate

  • KlausChu
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Oh yes. Now i see. Sorry. 

Hi i need sheriff badge and blaze buffalo!!!! Im new to this! Help me

I need a few cards don't have many to trade. Looking for wild gem, kings roar, desert sunset, saddle, woody. 

I need heidi hawk,roulette,seraphina,spartan, fang wang.anybody care to exchange?

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