Slotomania Slot Machines Hello Everybody. I Have The Following Cards To Exchange:

I have for you: Frida & Flint, The Gate, Skydancer, Pungo di Furia, Jasmine Jakpot, Billy Bob Billionz, Future of Atlantis, Dom, Frog of Fortune, Texas Bonfire, J.P. Connigan, El Paso, Bella Bonusuente, Gary Goldie, Slotoman, The Pathfinder, Kanga Kool, Bell Franklin, Pearl of Phyron, Goldeon, Debby Doomsey, Cecilia Brown, Air force 77 ....and more.... Trade this cards for:Vase of Valor Shiny Lion Mike Moneymaker Illusionist Golden OmenHerbivore Herbet Anyone interested? I'm glad to share.
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Hi do you have The Eagle in the Winter album Golden Touch?

I am looking for the following:

Don Amorito

The Sky Dancer

Herbivore Herbert

Slotman The Great

Mr. Blooderton

Any of these will be greatly appreciated. I have never traded and new in this so you will have to guide me. If you let me know which album to look into I will search for what you need.

Thanks in advance



Sorry I don't have The Eagle. 

I have Dom amorito
I also have Mr blooderton and slotman the great
Please message me on messenger and friend me on Facebook so we can trade if you want to. Thank you, Brenda
Condensed into one message. I have Mr. Blooderton, sloto the great, and Don Amorito. If you want to trade please message me on messenger and friend me on Facebook as I don't usually check back on this site. Thank you, Brenda

My top needs are The Shiny Lion, Vase of Valor, Richard Richingson, Mike Moneymaker, The Falconer and Fruity Fiona.  I also need The Illusionist, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Gary "Goldie" Spinetti, The Great Grind and Golden Omen, please.   My extras are pictured on my facebook.

For those people that cannot get the link to work to add people, just type out their name on facebook and search for them.  Just be sure to add a space between first and last names. :-)

I am looking for the following:

Dragon Dog and The Eagle in Winter Golden Touch

Don Amorito, in Winter Lucy’s Merry Men

The Sky Dancer, in Winter Sky High

Herbivore Herbert, in Winter Australian All Star

Slotman The Great, in Winter Arabian Nights

Mr. Blooderton, Spring The Zombie Land

I can offer several including one Big Bullhorn, and several others if you need. I am desparate to get some or all of the above and am very motivated. I don't know how to trade/gift and will need guidance. 

Thanks for the help. I am on FB and IM. My email address is [email protected]



Brenda, I cannot seem to get to your FB page. The link it outdated and I am stumped. Please help me out! Thanks

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