Slotomania Slot Machines Hello! Need Help With These Cards. Have Others Spare To Trade With...

Hi everyone! Need help! Looking to trade these cards for ones i have that are spares which is almost everything else in the album/other albums.
Golden touch collection - (1) The eagle
Hollywood collection - (1) The gilded reel (2) Big bullhorn
Master of mythology - (1) Pharoah's portrait
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  • NazNazim
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do you have crystal bal bella  ?

I have the jewel from tick tock.. i need gold hourglass .. can you help?

yes i do.. what do you have?

  • EricLeau
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You have spare big bullhorn?
I have jewel from tick tock

i have parao vsbella if you have



I have a lot of spares, does someone here have one of these to trade with me?:Charles Slotsteel (The Round Table), Pharaoh's Portrait (Masters of Mythology), Irena Infernovo (Sweet Devils), Mac the Mic & Big Bullhorn (Hollywood Dreams), Vicious Vera & Crystal Ball Bella (Red Hot Vixens), The Eagle (Golden Touch), Don Amorito (Lucy's Merry Men)

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