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Hi everyone  laugh

If anyone has spares of these cards please send em over, ill send whatever swaps i have too. Add me on FB


Rodeo Clan:

Giinger Al,  Can Kenny,  Hooves

Sky Clan:

Featherline, Cloud King

Funky Clan:

Benny Blue,  Slick Sol,  BUZZ

Pirate Clan:

Coco,  Rough Ruby

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hi i am new here. so i have can kenny, hoves and slick sol. could you send me glimpse, skeletomy, mr. mars or moves for these three. not all like if you happen to have any of these. you send request cards be waiting

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Hi I got a few you've mentioned , n needing same as few others u got listed .. from the barnyard album do u haveBluepatch, woods, boost rooster to trade, I have hooves, can Kenny slick sol n few others u need
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Have you got ginger al, or Benny blue n Buzz? I'll give u all cards your requesting here for any1 or all of those 3

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