Slotomania Slot Machines How Do I Post A Link From My Phone??

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I hit the post link and then it said put in link address?? Help plz.
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i can ask fof same question. howncan we post bonus links?

If you want to post a link from your phone its the same as a computer. I don't use the Facebook app at all. It takes up to much room and kills battery. I assume you're wanting to share links from your Facebook. I check my Facebook using both Chrome browser and Puffing Web Browser with my phone. I'm normally have the "Request Desktop" option selected. If I see something I'd like to post as a link. I use the web browser and go to the page that has the link. Press & Hold the link(may be a picture , address, whatever it is you click on to claim yourself Press & Hold it) It'll come up with options, like copy or select text, or download link, or open in New tab. Select "Copy Link Address" then it's saved to your clipboard(this is what gets entered as the website address when you just normally click it) Now go to the website that you'd like to post it to. Where it asks for link address Press & Hold its text entry box and select the "Paste" option. After that click "post link" and you should have success! 

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