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Lmk1- WINTER or SPRING Album2- Which ICON3- What SLOTOMANIA CARDSo... Lmk in THIS ORDER... what album and then what icon and then what card you need. And I will lyk if I have it
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Hi... once I got past your abbreviations, I'm old, I decided I like the way you organize your thought and let people know how to give you the information you need. I hate it when someone says they need a card but I have no idea which album it's in. So I like your thought process. With that said, I need:spring album - Texas tycoons - Mike moneymaker.spring album - the gold collection -The shiny lion. I have several cards to trade if you have that one.
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hi i need golden


MicaM... LoL funny and Thank you very much!!! I do have the 2 you requested but unfortunately I don't have more than one. But as I keep playing, you are DEF at the top of my LiST, if i do collect any more ✔️✔️✔️PS ~ I tried to offer them up another time and it was just waaaay out of control... It was expected of me to search for them... I felt like I was playing CLUE... MiSS Scarlet, in the Library with the Candle Stick! I totally did not have the patience for 200, mixed up requests
Thanks for watching out for me. Let me know if you need any.

Hi I need card please 

1) Spring album 


3) Railway to heaven

Thanks so much :):)

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