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Hi! I can help with any cards from 2nd album, n few cards from 1st.

Just ask what u need..

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Hi. Can u help with stars to get coins?? I have all cards except golden. Just waiting. Lol

What do u mean? cards just for whell of stars bonus?...i help collect to complete albums, not to just throw away..

Lions paw from first album?

Hey... just started. I got Golden touch, Bradley,boss branky ,cleopatra and trixie tiger. il appreciate all the help i can get :)

Hi, this is my first time asking for cards but I need captain hook. Can you help me out by chance?

hi do you have Edward, tinkerbell Ty you i have des gold cards bye [email protected]

Hi I'm looking for a captain hook? Can you help?

I'm looking for some hero boots if you happen to have an extra pair laying around somewhere,   preferably about a 10 or 10 1/2.   lol.  but seriously hero boots

Hi , i still need these cards.

Birds of a feather - Victor Vulture, Dan Toucan

Wild Wild West – Spurs , Saddle

Epic Battles - Tomahawk


I can trade ! Thanks so much for your help.

I need clive from the first album


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