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Hello all! Could anybody help me complete my album please? :) I’m missing: Pink Party Wendy Wool Razbazkin Bars of gold Papa Polar I have alot of spares to trade too. Please add me if you want to trade! Thanks alot in advance!

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i have papa polar


Cool! I added you on facebook! Thanks!!!

Is there any specific card that you’re looking for?

I need to complete as well have 33 stars as of now to trade or maybe I have the card someone is looking for

what is it that u might need and ill try and help if I can!!


Hi Lisa! Thanks for the help. The cards i need are posted in my first post! Thanks again!

And big thanks to Ady Nicolae for the Papa Polar!! 

I have over 700 stars to spare!! Send me a message for trades! Some cards i'm willing to spare for free too (sometimes you just get the same card over and over again from packages lol ...)

have you got any of the rare ones?


how you got any of the rare ones,anyone?


I'm missing like one to tree on each one have over 100 stars if you need anything in returnYacht life, x564, zorx, the viewer, sheriff piggy, king of the piggy, chicken Charlie, Wendy wool, razbazken, one eye Joe and I never even looked a second album can you still when those in the game

i can help with one at least


not now, i see you have it


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