Slotomania Slot Machines I Need: Always On Time (Tick Tock) And Woofy (The Cuties)

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I have a lot of extra cards even the four star even the three and four star ones have extra aces and golden cards too but unfortunetly cant send them. just send me a list with the cards you need.


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need the following: and i can trade cards to you that you might need or whatever: The Jewel,Gary Goldfish,Charles Slotsteel,Glow of Acropolis, Pharoahs portrait,Heidi Hell, Ann Armagedon,samuel spinstone,Gilded reel,Big Bullhorn,Spin for peace,celtic ciara,roulette rhonda,Dragon dog, the eagle, the patriot, the status,don amarito,secret santa, mr. magic. thanks for your help 

i have the card: always on time but i only have one woofy. so i can trade the alway on time card to ya 


hi there, do you still need these cards?


i need Crystal Ball Bella. any help is appreciated. i have cards to trade.

thanks and feel free to add me im a  daily player.

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