Slotomania Slot Machines I Need Cards From Spring Album Nearly Al Elite Cards Like Bigbull Don Amorito Also Have Cards From Album 3 And Spring Album

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i need from

SKY HIGH        the skydancer

ZOMBIE LAND    stringy  - biter basket -   - debby doomsey

DRAGON TALES    fuschion nest  -  hatch of hadeon  -flamyon    -empire birth

GREAT MINDS       franklin   -  edison

AUSTRALIAN ALL STARS   gate keeperal   -  herbivore  herbert

RAILROAD RICHES    silver omen    -gold omen

TEXAS TYCOONS     bily bob bilionz   -   texas bonfire   -   mike money maker 



let me know if have any from this

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I need from winter album

irena infernovo

happy to exchange for any duplicates of course :-)

i have many spring and some winter left....

do you have any cards i need?

I have a spare Texas Bonfire!

I need 2 for Tango (Sky High), The Sahara Scriptures (Arabian Nights), Pugo di Furia (La Familia). 

Also need Bria's Broom & Cecilia Brown (Wishful Witches), Greeneon (Dragon Tales), Maquina de Samba (Sloto Carnival), The Pathfinder (Australian All Stars).

I have a spare hatch of hadeon. Add me (if it works) or search for me on Facebook - David James Ward, and we can discuss what we can trade for it. Thanks.


i cant find you maby you can try search me baris efil

I need CINDY MOO from the Winter Album; I have several cards, let me know what you still need and I'll see what I have

 I need the skydancer, franklin, the pathfinder, herbivor herbert or halif al-spinawi


i have biters basket, fuschions nest, flamyon, 

I need Mike moneymaker if you have it
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I have the Golden Omen. I have never traded before but could use some help.
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I have Edison and Herbivore Herbert but I don't know how to trade. Never done it before. I.listed all my cards... what I have and what I need. I'd love to help you if can can also help me. Thanks

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